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Every Christmas morning for the past 5 years, a small group of about 20 people have gotten together and served a hot breakfast for 75 - 100 homeless people in Sarasota, FL. We are not affiliated with any church or organization; the only thing we have in common is one mutual friend named Eileen. Eileen, her friends, and family, divide up the work, and at 8:00 a.m. Christmas morning without fanfare or media attention, quickly set up several tables downtown, and serves the food until it runs out. Word spreads quickly as each homeless person returns with friends. They arrive on bike, on foot, and in wheelchairs. Last year, due to complaints by residents living in expensive highrises overlooking downtown, Eileen's group was asked to move to the bus depot nearby; the buses don't run on holidays, and it was actually a more perfect place. Even though we are in Florida, it can get down to 30 degrees at night in the winter, and the homeless still need blankets and winter clothes. Some people donate blankets, backpacks and clothes, too. Anything that was left over after 2 hours was brought to the Salvation Army and given out there.
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