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Wholesale Acme United Corporation First Aid Refill System,

Acme United Corporation First Aid Refill System, Med, White
First aid kit is the starter kit for the Acme Xpress First Aid Refill System. This unique, color-coded system simplifies first aid and makes it easy to keep the kit organized and find what you need quickly. Ideal for perfect for large office settings, schools and other facilities. Included first aid treatment items come in easy-to-find Clean, Treat and Protect packages and lock into place within the first aid kit. The kit contains 370 pieces, including medications, alcohol pads, burn cream, antibiotic cream, plastic bandages, fabric bandages, wipes, and sting relief pads. Specially packaged Clean, Treat and Protect refills are available, and these refill boxes also lock into place. A reorder card is packed in every refill box with UPC for easy ordering on these first aid emergency kits. Refill system makes ANSI/OSHA compliance easy.

Wholesale Acme United Corporation First Aid Station, 694 Pi

Acme United Corporation First Aid Station, 694 Pieces, For Up To 50 People
Wall-mountable first aid station contains supplies for up to 100 people. Handle allows you to carry it as well. First aid station is compliant with ANSI standard Z308.1. Station meets or exceeds Federal OSHA Regulation 1910.151b. Three-shelf station offers a durable, metal cabinet for easy access and easy restocking. Contents include a wide assortment of first aid supplies to treat minor and major injuries and address personal discomfort needs: alcohol pads; antiseptic wipes; antibiotic and burn ointments; latex-free adhesive bandages and gauze; eye wash and pads; medical-grade gloves; CPR mask; nondrowsy pain, fever and indigestion medications; cold packs; finger splints. This first aid emergency station kit also includes a first aid booklet.

Wholesale First Aid Station For 50 People

Acme United Corporation First Aid Station,For 50 People,311 Pieces,9-3/4"x10-3/4"x3"
First aid station is wall-mountable with fully weatherproof seal for indoor or outdoor use. Station meets OSHA standards when full. First aid station includes alcohol pads, antiseptic wipes, a variety of latex-free bandages and gauze, antibiotic ointment, burn ointment, scissors, tweezers, medical-grade gloves and a first aid guide. Single-use packaging ensures germ-free products. Case is made of plastic. Station contains more than 300 pieces for up to 50 people to meet needs of larger offices, retail stores or classrooms. Mount first aid station to wall.

Wholesale Acme United Corporation Compliant First Aid Kit, Up To 50 People, 419 Pieces

Acme United Corporation Compliant First Aid Kit, Up To 50 People, 419 Pieces
First aid kit is designed for use by up to 75 people, exceeds OSHA requirements and is compliant ANSI Z308.1. Organized, compact container makes finding items quick and convenient. Use this wide variety of first aid items to treat most incidents and accidents. Kit includes antiseptic towelettes, alcohol pads, cold pack, eye pad, medical-grade latex gloves, absorbent pad, antibiotic and burn ointments, assorted adhesive bandages and gauze pads, finger splints, tape, triangular bandage, scissors, tweezers and first aid guide.

Wholesale Sports Aid Coach's Field Kit

Sports Aid Coach's Field Kit 29 product types (83 total products) in a mini duffle bag.
Sports Aid Coach's Field Kit includes:
(6) Masune® Single Use Cold Pack
(2) Masune® Single Use Hot Pack
(3) Icy Hot® Medicated Patch
(1) Desenex® Foot Powder
(2) Neosporin® Ointment
(2) Dry Hands®
(1) Emergency Poncho - Orange
(2) Tissue Pocket Pack
(1) Banana Boat® Sport Sunblock SPF30 (tube)
(2) Sanell® Hand Sanitizer 1 oz
(1) Clear eyes® Handy Pocket Pal®
(1) Rolaids® Peppermint Antacid
(1) Eyeglass Repair Kit
(1) Scissors (3)1/2" round tip
(3) Zeiss Lens Cloth
(12) Triad® Antiseptic Towellete
(12) Blistex® Medicated Lip Ointment
(3) Splinter Out
(8) Medique® Medi-Lyte Electrolyte Heat Relief Tablets
(1) Aromatic Ammonia Inhalant - 10
(12) Tongue Blades Wood
(1) Adhesive Strips - Asst. Sizes - 80
(1) Triangle Bandage
(1) Elastoplast Surgical Tape
(24) Gauze Pads
(3) Eye Pads - Oval
(1) Acme® Thunderer Whistle
(1) Lanyard
(3) Clear vinyl zippered bags.

Wholesale Acme United Corporation Readycare Kits, 355 Pieces for up to 50 People

Acme United Corporation Readycare Kits, 355 Pieces for up to 50 People
ReadyCare Kit features a transparent door and organized compartments to allow easy access for the right items when needed. Essential first aid items include disposable thermometer and medicines to treat pain, fever and upset stomach. Carry plastic kit easily with a sturdy handle. Kit is mountable for a fixed station.
Made in the USA

Wholesale Medifirst Industrial First Aid Cabinet

Medi-First® Industrial First Aid Cabinet - Contains A Large Assortment Of First Aid And Medical Supplies - Wall Mountable Steel Cabinet - Meets ANSI Z308.1-2003 Requirements And OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.1030
Made in the USA

Wholesale First Aid Kit General Purpose

General Purpose First Aid Kit - Supplies For 20-25 Persons - Sturdy Metal Box With Hinged Lid And Carrying Handle - Contents Include 2 Bodily Fluid Barrier Kits, Instant Cold Packs, Adhesives And Triangular Bandages, Insect Sting Medication, Gauze, Adhesive Tape,Pain Relievers, Eyewash, Green Soap, Calamine Lotion, Forceps, Paramedic Shears And Other Supplies - Mfg #8415-01-394-0216
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