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DollarDays Blog Archives Page 3

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2017-03-16 7:00 AM

Picture this: It’s a bright, sunny Spring day. Kids are out of school and there’s something close to brisk foot traffic in and out of your shop. You’re busy with customers when suddenly a group of what looks like teenagers rush into your space.

They’re in and out in less than a minute. A flurry of hands looting your shelves as they hoot and holler and run amok. And in a flash they’re gone, out the door and running in different directions.

What can you do?

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2017-03-14 7:00 AM

A Master of Nonprofit Management, while not necessary to work in the nonprofit sector, can be a great way to take your career to the next level. Masters programs teach students the business side of running a nonprofit, and offer the opportunity to concentrate in a particular area of organizational management.

With an advanced degree, you’ll be qualified to work in any nonprofit organization in a variety of jobs such as fundraising, program management or policy analysis.

According to Best College Reviews.org, “nonprofit management positions will grow by 10% through 2024”. When you couple this with the nonprofit sector currently making up 10% of the US workforce, it’s easy to see that jobs working with nonprofit organizations aren’t disappearing anytime soon and afford room for professional growth.

If you’re looking for a Masters in Nonprofit Management program, here are 3 top rated programs for you to consider.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2017-03-09 6:00 AM

Many people can remember what life was like before the internet, but few people can imagine a future without the advantages it provides. There is no better example of this than online shopping.

Online shopping provides the ultimate convenience for that certain type of busy individual who doesn’t want to spend their free time waiting in line at the store. The analytics firm comScore and UPS polled 5,000 people and found that 51 percent of consumers did the bulk of their shopping online in 2016, which is up from 48 percent in 2015.

Online retail stores have a unique opportunity to anticipate seasonal trends and stock up on the products their customers are looking for. Listed below are some popular items your customers will be looking for this spring and summer.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2017-03-07 7:00 AM

With so many technologies available and new ideas coming out all the time, nonprofits have many more opportunities to get creative with their fundraising than in the past.

One such opportunity is an eCommerce store on your website. While it’s not as simple as just adding a tab to your website’s main menu, an eCommerce program for your nonprofit can be an extra source of income for your organization if well planned and executed.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2017-03-02 7:00 AM

Right now it is winter and snow may still be covering the ground, but March is just around the corner so many people are already eagerly anticipating spring and warm weather. Parents will be planning their outings for Spring Break, thinking about gardening and spring cleaning and stocking up on items for camping trips and afternoon picnics at the park.

Regardless of what the groundhog said, spring is on the way and businesses should begin preparing accordingly. As more people are getting out and about to enjoy the nice weather, they will be stopping by their local pharmacy, gas station and convenience stores to stock up on everyday items.

Listed below are some popular impulse items you will want to have on hand for your customers so your business is prepared for a successful spring sales season!

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2017-03-01 1:00 PM


It's important to DollarDays to support religious organizations, but we need your help! This month, we're giving away $500 shopping sprees to five lucky places of worship. If you could take a minute to nominate a nonprofit or volunteer in our Sweepstakes, we would be very appreciative (and so will they!).

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2017-03-01 12:00 PM

In February we ran a contest asking you to nominate a volunteer or nonprofit that could use our support, so that we could award 5 winners each a $500 shopping spree. We thank the hundreds of wonderful people who nominated hundreds of nonprofits in our contest! It is our honor to support these generous individuals and organizations.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2017-02-28 7:00 AM

If you’re looking for a way to get involved in your community, supporting a local backpack program through a DIY fundraiser is a great place to start.

Here are 5 steps you can take to conduct your own fundraising campaign to support your local food bank and backpack program.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2017-02-23 7:00 AM

Nothing kicks off spring quite like a great St. Patrick’s Day celebration. This year our favorite green holiday falls on a Friday so millions of Americans can look forward to a long weekend of celebrating with friends and family. Meanwhile, retailers and small businesses can take advantage of the opportunity to bring in new customers and maximize profits.

St. Patrick’s Day may seem like a small holiday in comparison to Christmas and Valentine’s Day but don’t be too quick to overlook it. Consumer spending on St. Patrick’s Day has increased quite a bit since 2005 with an estimated 4.4 billion spent in 2016 alone.

With the festivities just over a month away, here are a few tips for how your business can prepare for the holiday and create a plan to increase sales.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2017-02-21 7:00 AM


Often when we think of fundraising, we think of soliciting large donations from a few donors or big events like galas.

However, more and more organizations are opting for smaller scale “fun” fundraisers that, while they might not bring in quite as much money, give supporters to engage with and support them on a more personal level.