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Top 10 Best Halloween Pumpkin Carving Designs

By: Joshua Unseth-- 2010-10-12 3:00 am --

1. The Scared Ghost: One of the more humorous of the pumpkin designs, the scared ghost is sure to make any child laugh. As much as children think ghosts are scary, they will think it is great to see a ghost that looks more frightened of them!

2. The Frightening Jack-o-Lantern: This is the classic design, and no list is complete without it. The mouth can have sharp teeth and a wide, scary grin that lights up when a candle is placed inside. With the eyes slanting inward, this really captures the feeling of the season.

3. The Witch's Face: Like the last, this one is meant to add a creepy feel to any night. For children who think witches come out on Halloween night, this will serve as a constant reminder. Frightening as it is, stencils can be used so that it is not too difficult to create.

4. The Happy Pumpkin: Some children do not like fear, and should not have to face it just to participate in that age-old tradition of pumpkin carving. By making a happy pumpkin, one can experience the event without scaring the children or their friends.

5. The Vampire: With a sharp-looking face and even sharper teeth, the vampire design requires some skill with a knife. If one gets it right, however, this pumpkin design can be one of the best on the block. With the growing popularity of vampires, due to the movies, all children will be excited to see this design emerge.

6. The Mickey Mouse: Getting back to the lighthearted ideas, Mickey Mouse has been a favorite for years. Along with cutting out the eyes and the mouth, one can cut some of the back of the pumpkin away to use for the ears. With these sticking up in their distinct style, everyone will be impressed.

7. The Superman: This one does not even require a face. For the child who loves comic books, one can carve the Superman "S" into the front of a pumpkin.

8. The Batman: This is very similar to the above, with the Bat symbol. It is fitting, as the signal that lit up the sky can now light up a pumpkin.

9. The Wizard: Whether a child likes Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, a wizard is a great choice. Some of the pumpkin can be used to make a pointed hat.

10. The Skull: It is Halloween, after all. With a glowing carving of a human skull, this may be the most terrifying of all designs.