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Top 5 Fun Gift Ideas

-- 2010-12-09 6:00 am --

Everyone loves getting Christmas gifts, especially when it's a fun gift. This Christmas, get everyone on your list something fun that they will enjoy for months to come. Here a list of 5 fun gift ideas to get you started:

1) Bright Colored Socks
Bright colored socks are a hoot to get and give as gifts. There are the non-slip socks, character printed, socks with silly sayings and funky patterned socks. Recipients of these socks will get a laugh, as will the other guests watching them open their gifts.

2) Board Games
Who doesn't love a board game? People will get enjoyment from this gift all year long. Every time they break out the game, they will remember you giving them. Not only are you giving them a fun gift, you're giving the gift of quality time with friends and family, too.

3) Walkie-Talkies
It doesn't matter if you are 4 or 90 years old, everybody gets a kick out of walkie-talkies. Kids, parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents alike, will find this gift adorably fun. Get an adult on your gift list a set of walkie-talkies and stick a note saying something like "never grow up" or something fun. You may not think they would use the gift, but trust me, they will. You can find kids' walkie-talkies, professional walkie-talkies, walkie-talkies with characters on them, short range and long range. You have a choice in whimsical fun or a little more serious fun.

4) Movies
Find movies that are appropriate for each person on your gift list. For instance, for 30 and 40 years old, find movies from the 80's to reminisce of a fun time in their life. Maybe there's a movie that you and a special someone has shared good memories of together. Movie titles can say it all, too. For instance if you have a "Bob" on your gift list, try the movie "What About Bob?". Get creative using titles, memories and the recipients' personalities.

5) Pajamas
Ok, when it comes to pajamas and fun, these two words definitely go together. The sillier the pajamas, the better the laughs will be. There are footed pajamas in adult size. You can find pajamas with characters on them, silly sayings and designs. Like socks, you can find them with bright colors, too. If the person's not into pajamas, try boxers for guys or joke lingerie for women. There are holiday pajamas, boxers and lingerie. There is a plethora of other various themed pajamas and sleepwear to choose from.

Christmas can be a stressful and anxious time of the year. Take the stress out of the season by buying fun gifts this year. Give the gift of fun, quality time. Share some laughter, jokes, maybe a few gags even and watch your Christmas transform into a lighthearted holiday filled with memories.