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The B.rave O.vert L.eaders of D.istinction (BOLD) Program is a pilot program for young adult males, age 18-24, who lack a high school diploma or GED and are unemployed or underemplyed. Police Chief Tony Jones started BOLD in the Fall of 2011 when he became aware of the need of a certain group of older juveniles who were struggling because of bad decisions they made in their lives that led them into a life of crime after dropping out of school. BOLD's mission is to assist in transforming the BOLD members from being a liability to the community into being an asset by emboldening them spiritually, acadmecially, socially, culturally,and professionally. Their ultimate goal is to enable the members to become a legitimate contributor to society through education and employment and to have them serve as a role model to others.
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Hanes Mens Briefs
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