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Welcome to the Christmas in November Wish List.

Christmas in November seeks to help families and individuals who could use a helping hand this holiday season. By late November, the season's temperatures have already dropped and people need jackets by then, not just children, but adults also. Lot's of people have lost employment, and have had to face other challenges. So this November, Members of the meetup group of Friends and Faces, will host Christmas in November for people in Springfield, Missouri and the surrounding communities. Your support can and will make a difference.

We Need Your Help. Please donate as much as you can of the following items of need:

Your charitable donation will be shipped directly to Christmas in November within 10-14 business days.
Shipping on all orders under $100 is $6.95, orders over $100 will be 9.95 and all orders over $399 will receive free shipping!
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Women's Denim Jackets
SKU: 317856
Casepack: 24 pcs
Case Price: $262.80
Requesting 24 pieces (1 cases).