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It's the time of year for giving, and located in the heart of Hillyard one woman is trying to give the community some relief. In August, Marlo Coyle opened the Diamond in the Rough Thrift Store on Market Street in Hillyard. She noticed the neighborhood didn't have a thrift store and wanted to give the lower-income families a closer place to buy clothes and other household items at a discounted price. Coyle knows what it's like to not have much. At the age of 12, she lived on the streets, and relied on many groups and foundations growing up to turn her life around. "I kind of feel it's my calling to help give back what I was given," said Marlo Coyle, owner. But Marlo isn't only giving this community some relief with lower prices. Many times people will come in unable to even buy her lower-priced clothes. And more often than not, Marlo will just give them what they need. "I know what it's like to be cold, when you're cold and just want some clothing, if someone's asking for clothing why not just give it to them," said Coyle. People like Cheri Braman, who brought her daughter into the store with no clothes on, only covered in blankets to keep her warm. "Trying to find the necessities for my daughter is hard," said Cheri Braman, customer. Marlo was quickly able to find some clothes to help get her through the cold winter months. "To see that baby happy. . .what's greater than a smiling baby," said Coyle. Business owners hope to profit from their investments, but for Marlo the Joy of helping others is greater than any amount of money. "I think if everyone in the world could just be kind and do something for other people then the world could be a better place," said Coyle. I want to thank Mike Perry for the wonderful job he did with this feature story. He is an amazing individual and journalist. His compassion is truly a blessing. I also want to thank all the people that have reached out and helped with items for the store. I have been blessed to be around so many loving people in the last several months. People care. We need to make the world a better place and the power lies in our hands. Merry Christmas to everyone. We now have a donation account at well's fargo all they have to do is go to the counter say "Diamond In The Rough" and make a donation.
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