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Auto Tire2Tire 15 Foot Skwami Pressure Exchanger

Auto Tire2Tire 15 Foot Skwami Pressure Exchanger

SKU #479002
This unique Tire Pressure Exchanger can also be used to inflate Soccer Balls, Basketballs, Rafts, Inflatable Beds and much more. This standard 15 foot long piece comes in assorted colors but can not guarantee which color you will receive. Individually packaged and peggable for retail display. Retail Value $18.95 on these tire pressure exchange. The Tire 2 Tire Skwami Tire Pressure Exchanger is a flexible hose that allows you to balance the air pressure in your tires for improved wear, control, and longevity. By connecting two tires with the Tire 2 Tire Skwami, air pressure is automatically equalized. Achieve balance in seconds! The Tire 2 Tire Skwami allows you to refill a flat tire so you can drive to a more convenient or safe place to repair it. In just 30 seconds, the Tire 2 Tire Skwami equalizes the pressure in two tires to give your flat enough air to get you to a safer place. The Tire2Tire 2 Tire Skwami will not fix your flat tire, but it will enable you to drive away and have the tire fixed at a more convenient time and place. To maintain optimum balance in your tires, use the Tire 2 Tire Skwami regularly to equalize the tire pressure. Simply connect the right front tire to the left front tire and then do the same for the rear. The entire process takes about 30 seconds per tire.
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1 case (12 units) $2.67 $32.04
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