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Recycled & Recyclable Travel Mug 16 oz- Forest

Recycled & Recyclable Travel Mug 16 oz- Forest

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Aladdin Recycled & Recyclable Mug 16 oz Forest
Good stuff. Inside and out. Choosing to reuse on your morning coffee run is a good thing. Choosing a mug made from recycled plastic that includes 25% post-consumer content? Even better. That's because consumer content is the stuff you and I recycled everyday. With Aladdin Sustain you can be sure your good recycling deeds are put to good use. This mug features a comfy handle and a splash-proof, drink-thru lid for taking coffee to go.
Features & Benefits:
  • Recycled & recyclable. Made with eCycle.
  • Car-cup friendly. Drop the between-the-knees balancing act.
  • Dishwasher safe. Ditch the dirty work.
  • Microwave safe. Heat + heat again.
This mug is made from 100% recycled food grade eCycle polypropylene containing 25% post consumer content. It is also recyclable where [5] recycled plastic is collected.
What's eCycle?
eCycle is good stuff. It's our proprietary mix of recycled plastics. On average it's made with 95% recycled plastics, including 25% post consumer content, so you can reuse and choose recycled (and recyclable) products all at the same time.
Well done, you. Use it. Love it. Recycle it. Begin again. Remember that lunch box you loved as a kid? Aladdin probably made it. For more than 100 years Aladdin has been creating delightful products that go wherever you do. Today that means stylish, sustainable food and beverage containers for women and their kiddos. Products that make a difference, and make your day, just like that metal lunch box did.
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