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Drop-ship Program

The easy way for merchants to maintain a successful online storefront

About the Program

DollarDays has a drop-ship program available than can be applied for by merchants. This program is no longer open to the public.


  • Be an established merchant — The DollarDays Drop-ship Program is not for businesses who are just building a website or just starting to sell on Amazon.
  • Have an in-place website or business — To join, you must have a live, fully functional e-commerce site or an established marketplace business (i.e., Amazon or eBay) with a history of positive feedback for at least ninety (90) days.


If you are a larger business that has the technical resources and you match the criteria above, then the Drop-ship Program may be perfect for you. As a drop-shipper for DollarDays, you'll receive the following benefits, to name a few:

  • We provide you access to the drop-ship feed of products. With this spreadsheet, you will have access to our images and content so you can use those on your site or put them into the upload template for other marketplaces like Amazon or Walmart.
  • Every order you place with us ships for $9.99 regardless of size or weight. This makes it much easier for companies to determine their costs and margins.
  • Your $125 annual membership gets you a 5% discount on each order you place. After your first $2,500 in orders are placed, the membership pays for itself!

Do Your Research

  • Make sure you understand the technology of the platform you are selling on. Regrettably, DollarDays only provides you with the product information in a spreadsheet format; your company is responsible for formatting the data into the format your website or marketplace needs, so look into how that works before you sign up.
  • Research the products that you want to sell. It is important to know that DollarDays focuses on selling case packs of items; we do not break up case packs and drop-ship single items.
  • Look at the competition and make sure that you have enough margin to sell the cases of products you want and make money. Don't forget to take into account seller fees on the marketplaces, processing fees for PayPal and Google Pay, and even hosting fees for your website.

To apply, please fill out an application
by clicking the “Apply Now!” button below:

Apply Now!

Please allow one (1) week for us to review your application. On approval, we will send you a link to buy your Drop-ship Program membership.