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Loaves and Fishes Meal Program is in it's thirtieth year and going stronger then ever. We serve 10,000 meals per year opening every Saturday night to provide the very best free community meal anywhere. In addition to the meal we serve over a hundred families with food pantry and deliver groceries to seniors We are constantly needing party supplies for fund raisers, plasticware Knives, forks and spoons as our budget struggles when we have to buy them. Aluminum pans are needed desperately as our buffet uses over 40 each setting. In our clothing room there is always a need for socks, underwear, blankets, sleeping bags and anything to fight off a hard New England winter night. Toiletries are always welcome
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12 Cup Plastic Food Container
SKU: 432701
Casepack: 48 pcs
Case Price: $76.80
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Ladies Hats
SKU: 1226570
Casepack: 144 pcs
Case Price: $439.20
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Women Jackets
SKU: 1161034
Casepack: 12 pcs
Case Price: $227.88
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