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$0.45 (reg. $0.80)

60-Ins-4 Brass Insert (1/4")

SKU #2169816 | 78 /case


00060-04 Compression Sleeve (1/4")

SKU #2169766 | 78 /case


00561-06 Brass Insert (3/8")

SKU #2169769 | 64 /case


00060-06 Compression Sleeve (3/8")

SKU #2169767 | 64 /case



704014-04 1/4" Short Nut

SKU #2169824 | 35 /case


Closeout Jensen Duplex Jack

SKU #701862 | 24 /case

$0.70 - $1.05/unit

Supurr-Flex Vent Hook-Up Kit 8 Feet

SKU #1854428 | 3 /case




12ft Dryer Duct Cleaning Kit

SKU #1854427 | 2 /case


Lambro - 4" Dryer Vent Seal

SKU #1768720 | 2 /case


Alligator Clips

SKU #369257 | 24 /case

$0.93 - $1.37/unit

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