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Multi-Purpose Duct Tape

SKU #216613 | 25 units/case

$1.03 - $1.48/unit

All Weather Electrical Tape

SKU #124712 | 24 units/case

$1.13 - $1.57/unit

Electrical Tape - Black - .​71" x 20 Feet

SKU #288838 | 500 units/case


Colored Electrical Tape

SKU #365085 | 25 units/case

$0.96 - $1.40/unit


Electrical Tape Counter Top Display

SKU #1278334 | 72 units/case


Ge 18160 Black Pvc Electrical Tape

SKU #2173543 | 6 units/case


Axis - Electrical Tape

SKU #922380 | 8 units/case


Red Electrical Tape

SKU #1309334 | 25 units/case


White Electrical Tape

SKU #1309332 | 25 units/case


Black Electrical Tape

SKU #1309330 | 25 units/case


Ge 18162 Pvc Electrical Tape,​ 3 Pk

SKU #2173544 | 3 units/case


Shop low prices on an assortment of bulk electrical tape at DollarDays. With a wide assortment of affordable products available to purchase you can browse for the exact features and prices on popular wholesale electrical tape. Browse from top brands such as SCOTCH, STERLING, 3M and more. Most case prices in our electrical tape section are between $30-$50 with piece prices starting at $2 or less.

Electrical tape is an efficient insulator making it great for repairs and for color coding projects. We are one of the Internet's oldest bulk electrical tape distributor and have 15 years online wholesale and retail know-how. We offer a wide variety of Electrical Tape with great prices and no minimum order requirements. If you can't find the item you're looking for, please call our customer care team for help placing an order. Buy wholesale electrical tape from DollarDays and receive low prices and fast shipping on every order.