Hole Punchers (4 items)

Hole Punchers
When you need to cut small holes in paper, bulk hole punches will help you do so quickly and cleanly... . A paper hole puncher has many uses for schools, businesses, non-profits and other organizations. With our small case packs of hole punches, you can buy enough that every employee, customer or student who needs one will have it. From putting together important presentations to making art class more fun for kids, DollarDays has the tools you need. We carry wholesale hole punchers from Bazic, Swingline, E-Clips and other noteworthy office supply brands with fast shipping from warehouses throughout the U.S.

Punch Holes for any Project
There are several types of hole punches depending on your needs. Our single-hole punches are a quick, low-tech way to punch tickets for trains, events, movies and museums to show they’ve been used. Casinos and cardrooms also use one-hole punches to mark canceled playing cards. If you’re a crafty person, you’ll know these punchers are great for making paper confetti to add to scrapbooks or throw at ceremonies.

We also carry bulk desktop three-hole punchers that instantly drill aligned holes in papers so they can be added to three-ring binders. This makes it a breeze to organize and protect financial records, training manuals, movie scripts and other documents. Adjustable three-hole paper punches let you change the location of the punch holes based on the binder type or the paper size you’re working with.

Durable School & Office Supplies
Order portable hole punches from DollarDays to pierce papers and cardstock in a snap. From standard ¼-inch metal punchers and light-duty punchers to punches with waste clip holders and colorful cushioned grips, there’s a paper puncher that’s right for your organization. Contact us or visit the DollarDays FAQs anytime you’re looking for assistance. We provide personalized service while stretching your dollars further on the products you need.
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