Kitchen Linens & Dish Towels (39 items)

Make cleanup quick and easy with the help of these wholesale kitchen linens and dish towels from DollarDays... . These affordable home essentials are available in a wide variety of colors and designs, making it easy to find something that complements your home’s style. Whether you need some durable cloths for cleaning the countertops or soft towels for drying hands and dishes, you’ll find just what you need when you browse through this collection of bulk kitchen linens.

Add Color and Personality to Your Kitchen
Kitchen towels serve an essential function in any home. They’re consistently used for drying and cleaning, so it’s not unusual to need at least one or two on hand at all times. However, they can also help to add a bit of extra style to your space. Cute kitchen towels offer a fun and affordable way to brighten up your home. A bright pop of color or a lovely print can help decorative kitchen towels make a stylish statement. Our collection at DollarDays includes a wide variety of everyday dish cloths in lovely patterns and hues. In addition, you’ll find other kitchen must-haves, such as pot holders, placemats, table linens, oven mitts, aprons and more, all available at our affordable wholesale prices. That makes DollarDays the best place to stock up on useful and stylish items for your home.

Buy Home Essentials in Bulk
When you purchase kitchen towel sets and other home products in bulk, you can offer generous donations without going over your budget. In addition to being useful in your own home, these dish cloths and other kitchen accessories are great for donating to charities and other worthy causes. They can be used by soup kitchens, churches, shelters and a variety of other organizations and programs. Many of these items can also be distributed to schools and hospitals to help the kitchen staff serve up food to hundreds of people every day. Wholesale kitchen linens can also be purchased by small business owners who want to add to their inventory. Get a top-notch selection of affordable kitchen towels and dish cloths in bulk by shopping at DollarDays. Once you've selected the right kitchen items, don't forget to also pick up all the cleaning accessories everyone needs to keep their kitchens looking like places that their friends and family want to be.
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Kitchen Towel 15" x 26"

SKU #2278968 | 120 /case


Closeout Pot Holder & Oven Mit

SKU #442305 | 72 /case


Bright Oven Mitt - 7" x 12"

SKU #1910216 | 72 /case



Poly-Cotton Apron w/ 3 Pockets

SKU #1895376 | 72 /case


Farmhouse Cotton Aprons

SKU #2354401 | 18 /case


Solid Oven Mitt - Cotton,​ 13"

SKU #2356078 | 72 /case


Silicone Pot Holder

SKU #1988271 | 24 /case


Kitchen Towel Cotton

SKU #2321762 | 72 /case


As low as $1.64/unit


Closeout 2-Pack Kitchen Dish Cloth

SKU #2280148 | 72 /case


Waffle Weave Dishcloth - 2 Pack

SKU #426716 | 144 /case


Oven Mitts - 12",​ 4 Designs

SKU #2367542 | 72 /case



Closeout Kitchen Towel - 15" x 25"

SKU #2280162 | 72 /case


As low as $4.88/unit



Kitchen Towel - 20" x 32"

SKU #2278966 | 96 /case


Silicone Oven Mitt

SKU #2354403 | 24 /case



Closeout 2 pack dish cloth 12 x 12

SKU #2321734 | 72 /case



New Item
NEW! Homemade Happiness Oven Mitts

SKU #2368167 | 12 /case


New Item
NEW! Homemade Happiness Aprons

SKU #2368163 | 12 /case


As low as $3.57/unit

Luxury Kitchen Towel

SKU #2278965 | 72 /case


White Velour Kitchen Towel - 15" x 25"

SKU #1878655 | 144 /case


Bar Mop Cloth 16" x 19"

SKU #2272838 | 300 /case