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Quality paintballs are needed to make your paintball experience work. Without reliable ammunition it will be a long day at the fields. Our wholesale bulk paintballs work well. Don't buy cheap paintballs or discounted paintballs because your teammates will rag about your paintball performance (or lack of) for weeks.
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Reliable ammunition is needed when playing paintball. Cheap paintballs that don't fly straight or break before leaving your gun make you a threat on the field to not only yourself but your paintball team. Low quality discount paintballs may be cheap up front, but will cost you in the end. Dollar Days sells many different paintball brands, paintball sizes and variations. Wrong paintballs can ruin your paintball gun. Good paintballs are made of non-toxic, bio-degradable, sugar based paint, encapsulated by a thin harder shell that has a similar makeup. When a high quality paintball hits the target, the paintballs break open leaving a splat of paint marking your target. Buying Dollar Days wholesale bulk paintballs helps keep the price down.