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$3.00 - $3.30/unit

$9.31 - $9.90/unit

Gold Buddha Head Statue

SKU #2130893 | 4 /case

$5.09 - $7.28/unit


Our Lady of Guadalupe Rosary Holder

SKU #2003075 | 1-unit case


Madonna Rosary Holder

SKU #2003037 | 1-unit case


10" St Francis Statue

SKU #166356 | 2 /case


St.​ Judas Statue Poly Resin

SKU #1777304 | 48 /case



El Nino Statue Poly Resin

SKU #1777274 | 48 /case




Adolescence Communion Poly Resin

SKU #1774622 | 48 /case


Divino Niño Statue

SKU #166369 | 2 /case


Whether you are looking for wholesale Madonna's, praying angels or St Francis statues, DOllarDays offers the most diverse selection of figurines and statues available. Outfit your church or religious organization, with great religious decor, from Lady of Grace to St Joseph. Great for gifting or for stocking your shelves, DollarDays is the perfect option to purchase religious figurines and statues, in bulk.