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Welcome to the Mercy House Wish List supporting the Mercy House Center.

Mercy House Center provides emergency services & lodging, crisis intervention, and job readiness assistance.

Walk-in Centers provide crisis intervention, food vouchers, clothing vouchers, employment resources, recovery referrals, transportation vouchers, assistance obtaining medications, vital records, and basic emergency lodging. Mercy House Centers serve any homeless individual or family on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The Mercy House provides transitional housing to residents for 6-24 months depending on the individual case management plan. Every resident that lives in our shelters adheres to specific programs that promote their welfare. Each homeless individual that Mercy House serves receives direct personal care through our Planning for Success Program, Wellness Program, and Learning Matters Program.

We Need Your Help! Please Donate the following items to support our program.

Your charitable donation will be shipped directly to the Mercy House c/o Mercy House Center within 10-14 business days.
Thank You for your donation, we appreciate your support! Shipping on all orders under $100 is $6.95, orders over $100 will be 9.95 and all orders over $399 will receive free shipping!
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Cheer Ultra Laundry Detergent
SKU: 361926
Casepack: 156 pcs
Case Price: $124.81
Requesting 156 pieces (1 cases).
Ankle Socks-Family Combo
SKU: 355961
Casepack: 216 pcs
Case Price: $226.80
Requesting 216 pieces (1 cases).
Baby Wipes-80 Sheets Recloseable Soft Pack
SKU: 323343
Casepack: 24 pcs
Case Price: $30.96
Requesting 24 pieces (1 cases).
Women's Fall Outerwear Jacket with Removable Hood
SKU: 360440
Casepack: 12 pcs
Case Price: $175.92
Requesting 12 pieces (1 cases).
Freshscent 2 Ounce Shampoo
SKU: 56826
Casepack: 96 pcs
Case Price: $25.00
Requesting 96 pieces (1 cases).
Freshscent 1.5 oz Clear Roll-On Deodorant
SKU: 313002
Casepack: 96 pcs
Case Price: $40.91
Requesting 96 pieces (1 cases).
Freshscent Alcohol Free Bulk Stick Deodorant
SKU: 313016
Casepack: 144 pcs
Case Price: $94.55
Requesting 144 pieces (1 cases).