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DollarDays International Distributor Program

Add Value and Earn Money with DollarDays.com Distributorship Program!

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Handshake Many of us have dreamed about owning our own business but the costs are just too much. Dollardays has created a distributor program where there is no investment in inventory. It gives you the chance to sell over 85,000 different products by the case at truckload prices to the businesses and organizations in your town or to your neighbors. It is a very simple program.

How It Works:
Dollardays International, INC (DDI) will set up a personalized web site with your name, company or logo at the top of every page. DDI will be responsible for adding new products to your site and removing discontinued items as well as the overall maintenance of the site. Marketing your site to the businesses in your town and your neighbors will be the key to your success. Your volume and income will come with satisfied customers who look to you for reorders to keep their shelves full of hot selling merchandise.

  • Your own sub-domain url link to your site (i.e.: mysite.dollardays.com)
  • Reporting on sales and customer sign ups
  • EXTRA pocket money

How Much Does It Cost?

Only $99 for setup plus an annual renewal fee starting at 1 year. The annual fee is equal to the price featured at the time of renewal. All DollarDays order policies apply.
A monthly recurring fee of $15.95 will be charged for the following services:
  • Full Service Sales Force
  • Complete customer service
  • All customer order tracking and email notification
  • Order processing and shipping
  • Payment Processing (Mastercard, Visa, Am. Express, Paypal)
  • Responsibility for collections on unpaid or delinquent orders
  • Website hosting and daily maintenance of product database
We handle it all, so you can spend your time promoting your website!

*By purchasing the DollarDays Distributorship Program you acknowledge and authorize DollarDays International, INC to debit your credit card $15.95 for your monthly membership fee. You may cancel your membership after 90 days of membership date with a written notice.*

What Will My Site Look Like?
Your personalized logo (provided by you) in place of DollarDays' logo

Payment Details:
You will be paid the following commissions of all net product sales (net sales are after returns and cancellations) that are generated through your site. Commissions are paid monthly and commission rate is based on yearly sales. See commission table below.
Payment is issued on the 15th of each month with a minimum of $25.00. If amount due is below the minimum, payment will be issued when the required minimum has been met.

Choosing a Name:
One aspect of your business that will definitely affect whether or not you are successful is the name you choose to represent your business. While choosing a name might seem like an easy task there are a few things to keep in mind when trying to name your distributorship store:
  1. Your name should be unique, short, simple, and to the point.
  2. Avoid words that are difficult to spell or pronounce.
  3. Avoid using combinations of "DollarDays" as your personalized link will include DollarDays in the URL.

Remember! A memorable and distinctive name will help customers remember your store and keep them coming back!
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Distributorship FAQs:
  1. I'm new to all this, where do I start?
    Once you receive your distributorship website URL's, all you are responsible for is promoting your business website. The DollarDays staff will take care of everything else for you (Orders, Customer Service, Returns, Refunds).
  2. What kind of success can I expect from having a distributorship?
    Your success will depend on the energy and effort you put into promoting your business. It takes time to build a good business so don't feel discouraged if it takes a few weeks or months to see the kind of results you are looking for. There are a lot of great E-Marketing resources available to help you get started and get an idea of what you need to do to be successful. Be persistent, confident, and remember that your effort holds the key to your success!
  3. How do I market my site?
    A good place to start is writing up a simple business plan that will help you decide how you'd like to promote in your area. It's a good idea to first get to know your distributorship website so that you can get a feel for everything that DollarDays has to offer potential customers. This should help you get an idea for people and places you'd like to market to -- small businesses and retailers, regular consumers, and more! Then you can try going out into your local community and either hand out business cards or fliers with your distributorship website included. Get creative and have fun!
  4. I don't like my store name, can I change it?
    You may change your store name at any time, however, we advise that you not change it once you've started marketing to potential customers. Changing your business name will also change your personalized website link so you don't want to change it once customers already have your information. It is recommended to take some time to really think about what you want to name your store so that you can be 100% sure it is the right name for your business.
  5. I went to my personalized website. Why do I see the DollarDays logo?
    If your page is showing up with the DollarDays logo instead of your distributorship website, check to see if you are logged into the site. Simply logout and then navigate to your distributorship website. The most common cause of this problem is most likely because you are a registered customer of DollarDays. Your account may still be in the process of being moved over to your distributorship account. This transition will be faster and more successful if you used the same email address for both your customer and distributorship registrations. If you used a different email address you may need to contact Distributor Relations to get your account manually switched over.
  6. My reporting link isn't working, what's wrong?
    If your reporting link isn't working, try copying and pasting the link into your address bar of your browser. If this doesn't solve the problem, please email tech support at distributorship@dollardays.com. Please include your distributorship website URL.
    Distributor Relations can be contacted at any time by sending an email to distributorship@dollardays.com
  7. My commission check doesn't match what my report link stated, why is that?
    Your monthly commission is based on net sales (sales after returns and cancellations). The reporting pages do not reflect returns and cancellations as order processing is handled by a separate system. Due to this separation of tasks, your commission may differ slightly from the figures in your monthly reports as seen by the order taking systems.
  8. I already have my own domain, can I use that as my distributor website?
    Unfortunately this program doesn't allow you to use your domain as your store. However, you can set your domain up to "re-direct" or forward to your distributorship store. At the least you can put a link on your own website to your distributorship store.
  9. I already have my own hosting, can I use that to host my distributorship website?
    We do not currently support offsite hosting of your store. If you are interested in starting your own hosted retail online store, please see our other program, DollarDays Hosted Retail Online Store.

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To purchase your DollarDays distributorship, see sku 68912.

About DollarDays
DollarDays is the premiere online wholesaler and closeout company that helps small businesses to compete against larger enterprises by offering more than 85,000 high-quality goods at prices close to those at which large chains purchase. DollarDays sells its products by the case and prices the goods by the truckload. The company helps its customers to select those items, both seasonal and everyday, which sell quickly to promote both a higher inventory turn and better margins. Customer service and satisfaction is a cornerstone of the business. DollarDays prides itself in supplying existing businesses as well as helping entrepreneurs open new stores and businesses.

Commission RateYearly Net Sales
5%$0 - $124,999
6%$125,000 - $499,999
7%$500,000 - $1,199,999
8%$1,200,000 - $1,999,999
10%$2,000,000 - $3,999,999
15%$4,000,000 +
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