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Your budget shouldn't limit your ability to stock your classroom with the best possible school supplies and teaching tools for your students.

DollarDays give you big savings on an array of high-value school supplies and classroom essentials for your back-to-school and year-round needs.

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Everything You Need to Rise to the Head of the Class:

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Teachers Stocking up with Us!


“I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how pleased we were with the case of clear vinyl backpacks that we ordered from your site. It was a blessing in disguise when I discovered your site. For a week, we had been frantically looking for backpacks that your product description matched exactly and which were affordable. I was a little skeptical at first, but I trusted my instincts. Your backpacks really fit the bill! They will be used by our nonprofit preschool center. Thank you for your prompt and courteous service. When we have needs that you might be able to fulfill in the future (and you seem to carry just about everything!), we won't hesitate to come to DollarDays!”

Erin P.
Stevens Point, WI


“What if I need large amounts of everyday staples, like pencils?”

The DollarDays Big Box™ line of items is a great way to stock up on all of the school staples your classroom needs — from pens and pencils to glue sticks and erasers!

“I'm looking for incentives to reward my students, but I'm not sure what to buy. Where can I get help?”

Our DollarDays account managers are knowledgeable in all of the products you need to get your students excited. To learn more, contact our Customer Service Team.

“I'm buying for a back-to-school drive and need to fill backpacks. Can DollarDays help with that?”

Not only is DollarDays a great destination for buying backpacks in bulk, but we also offer an amazing selection of school kits and pre-filled backpacks. Reach out to us today for more information.

Educator Benefits
We welcome all educators, administrators, and non-profits looking for high-quality wholesale teacher supplies in bulk. DollarDays is here to support and supply teachers, students, administrators, and non-profits with the best school and office supplies at affordable prices.

Teachers have one of the most important jobs of any prof. They are responsible for instilling the next generation with the skills they need to succeed in life. Teachers help foster curiosity and creativity, develop the leaders of tomorrow, and encourage students to reach their full potential. The things children learn at a young age are carried with them for their entire life, making it vital that students have great teachers in their life. A great teacher is one of the most important resources we can provide students, and to help teachers succeed, they need to start strong with all the tools and equipment needed for a successful school year.

Teachers often find themselves having to supplement their classroom needs out of their own pocket. Our collection of products is meant to save them money on the essentials used in the classroom daily. Whether you need supplies for preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, extracurriculars, or afterschool programs, we have the supplies you need. A school budget shouldn't limit your ability to stock your classroom with the best possible school supplies and teaching tools for your students. Our bulk supplies help you find everything needed for the upcoming school year.

DollarDays has back-to-school kits and prepacked backpacks, bulk supplies for classrooms, and other great items to help make every school year a success. We even have programs to help the teachers in your life get the supplies they need with the DollarDays teacher wish list.

Teacher Wishlist Program
This program allows educators to create a list of all their classroom needs. Teachers can browse our extensive collection of supplies for both students, as well as themselves, and add them to their teacher wish list. Once this list of classroom supplies has been created, it can be shared with others so they can donate to the cause. This allows parents and community members to help teachers save their personal money, and time spent shopping for all these items on their own. All products are shipped directly to the classroom, making school shopping simple and affordable.

More than anyone, teachers know that a classroom that is fully equipped for the school year helps students perform at their best. Teachers already do so much for the kids they care for daily. Utilizing a teacher wish list truly helps everyone in the classroom excel!

Work with DollarDays to find the best wholesale teacher supplies in bulk and start the school year off right!