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Marc Joseph's Articles

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10/02/2017 A Blanket May Not Seem Like Much
07/03/2017 What Do Poor Kids Do When School Is Out?
06/01/2017 Crisis in Rural American Education
05/01/2017 Soldier – Hero - Neighbor
04/03/2017 Our Fascination With Animals
03/01/2017 Why Don’t We Go To Church Anymore?
02/03/2017 Do We Really Need to Volunteer?
01/03/2017 Homeless, Cold, Overlooked and Alone
12/01/2016 Forgotten Generation
11/01/2016 Random Acts of Kindness Define Who We Really Are
10/03/2016 A Nation Built By Refugees
09/01/2016 Lucky and Unlucky Pets
08/01/2016 Give Me Shelter
07/05/2016 Who Is Helping the Kids Left Behind?
06/06/2016 Teachers Create Our Future
05/03/2016 The Poor Are Getting Poorer
04/01/2016 I Want To Work For A Great Company
03/09/2016 DollarDays Doubles Donations to 10 Percent
03/01/2016 Businesses Need American Education To Be Great
02/01/2016 America Does Not Have Enough Volunteers
01/04/2016 Surviving a Broken World
12/01/2015 Our Country Should Be Proud of Its Military
11/02/2015 Shouldn't We Be Helping Those At Home First?
10/02/2015 America's Fascination with Cats
12/30/2014 Can't Stop the Giving
12/01/2014 Donating...Is It The American Way?
11/20/2014 All of Us Need to Support Small Business Saturday 11/29/2014
11/06/2014 Small Businesses Are Still Struggling
11/06/2014 Is the Recession Really Over?
11/06/2014 The Homeless Need More Than Blankets
11/06/2014 Who Pays for Our Kids' Education?
08/05/2014 Dropouts Are Putting a Major Strain on Our Economy
05/31/2014 Kids lose their future to poverty
05/14/2014 Do You Really Save Money By Buying Online?
05/01/2014 Why Fight for Our Country?
05/01/2014 How To: Publish a Book
04/01/2014 Helping Small Businesses – Lots of Talk, But No Action
03/04/2014 The War on Poverty Is Back; This Time, It's the People's Burden
02/06/2014 Congress Could Use a Lesson from America's Innovators
12/31/2013 Did Not Make it Home for the Holidays
12/02/2013 Can Small Businesses Survive This Christmas?
11/12/2013 It Really Does Take a Village
11/07/2013 America Can Count on We the People
10/04/2013 Brother, Can You Spare A MilkBone?
09/27/2013 Small Business = Huge Financial Headache
09/26/2013 Selling on Auctions Versus Fixed Price Marketplaces
09/17/2013 It’s Too Expensive to Go to College Anymore
09/04/2013 Teachers Have it Rough... But Kids Are the Ones Who Suffer
08/22/2013 Should You Open Your Own Online Store?
08/01/2013 Back to School: It’s Make It or Break It Time for the Economy
07/02/2013 To Give or Not to Give
06/05/2013 Charity Is in Our DNA
05/13/2013 Sequestration: Public School Kids and Teachers Are the Big Losers
05/01/2013 Kids and Teachers Lose Once Again
04/06/2013 Pet Care: Why Don't We Care Every Month of the Year?
03/26/2013 Kaplan University Collegiate Entrepreneurs Meets Marc Joseph
03/08/2013 What Happens When Unemployment Runs Dry?
03/06/2013 Stretching the Nonprofit Dollars
02/06/2013 Entrepreneurship Isn't Dead
02/05/2013 Is Entrepreneurship Dead in America?
01/04/2013 How Can I Own My Own Business?
01/03/2013 Everyone Needs A Bed
01/03/2013 Will Children of Poverty Have Children of Poverty?
12/21/2012 The Poor, the Elderly, the Disabled Stand to Lose the Most
11/02/2012 Holes In The Safety Net
10/04/2012 Who’s Your Best Friend?
09/07/2012 Kids Without Sports
08/03/2012 No School Left Behind
07/06/2012 Step Up To Our Teachable Moments
06/06/2012 Giving is Down but Caring Is Up
05/08/2012 I Do or Maybe I Do Not
04/11/2012 Have We Added Another Lost Generation?
03/09/2012 Even Billionaires Give
02/09/2012 Is It Time To Be an Entrepreneur?
01/10/2012 No Non-Profit Should Be Left Behind
11/08/2011 I Don't Want to Be Homeless
10/13/2011 The Best Therapist You Ever Met
09/16/2011 Build It and They Will Learn
09/02/2011 May No Soldier Go Unloved
08/15/2011 We Are Forgetting About Our Kids
07/21/2011 Nonprofits Are a Loser in All This Mess
07/08/2011 School Supply Giveaway Contest