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Christmas Decorations and the Meaning of Inspiration
Tuesday, June 30, 2009

With the exception of the homes of certain Halloween enthusiasts, no holiday on the North American calendar so alters the look of homes as Christmas. The other major winter holidays ? New Years, Hanukah, and Kwanza ? involve ornamentation, but rarely on the kind of scale that annually drives sales of retail and wholesale Christmas decorations to such high levels. Whether we buy them in bulk as cheap closeouts or get the highest quality materials, decorations for this most cherished holiday invariably reflect our personalities and beliefs. People who are of a more religious bent will obviously lean towards decorations that reflect the spiritual nature of the holiday, while others will opt for the less serious and more fanciful aspects of the season ? colored lights, Santa and Rudolph, snow men, and all the rest.

Indeed, decorations come in all varieties and forms of construction, a reality that has led to a few minor family squabbles and some major ones also. We've known some pretty strongly phrased differences of opinion to emerge over the use or non-use of tinsel or garlands, real or plastic Christmas trees, or whether or not to keep certain highly prized ornaments safely packed away or on display and at risk from destruction by oblivious children and pets. No one likes family fights, but the reason passions can run so high on these matters is that decorations reflect the way we feel about our lives, our families, and our world. If anything, it's a small Christmas miracle that there are not more arguments over decorations than there are.

Of course, these days we are beset with concerns about economic and environmental matters, so decorations can take on a whole new meaning, and there are those who might argue that we'd perhaps be better off decorating our inner lives and living our homes unadorned. While we don't want to diminish those concerns, we have to say that we believe Christmas decorations ? indeed, all types of decorations ? are a crucial part of life that the majority of people do not want to be without. Ornaments, garlands, Christmas lights and other items may not be strictly "necessary" in any ordinary sense of the world, but our love of the "unnecessary" is a huge part of what makes us human beings and not just relatively hairless biped mammals. The feel, look and smell of Christmas decorations is a huge part of the Christmas Holiday and we can't imagine living without them.

Garlands, ornaments, nativity scenes, colored lights, tinsel, models of all types of Santas with sleighs and reindeer each have their place during the holiday season. Each type of decoration has its own meaning, though every buyer will also have their own feelings on the matters. Those of us who sell either retail or wholesale Christmas decorations", and for that matter those of us who buy wholesale Christmas products, are all intuitively aware that today there are a lot more to these items because of the economic slowdown and warehouses are full of both expensive and cheap products, one of a kind or bulk items, brand new out of the factory or cheap closeouts are quite available for selling this year. They are an expression of a holiday with associations profound and temporary, mature and childlike. It's Christmas.