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Home Décor and Personal Identity
Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just as – whether we like it or not – our clothes are an expression of who we are, so is the way we choose to furnish and decorate our homes. Our temperament, our sense of self-worth, our sense of humor, and even our views on political and spiritual matters can all be reflected by how we choose to equip our homes. Indeed, whether they are selling cheap items bought in bulk as closeouts or higher end products, sellers of both retail and wholesale home décor products and wholesale furnishings have to be shrewd buyers of a selection of bulk products that appeal to their entire customer base.

The individuality of home furnishings is something that theatrical and cinematic production designers understand innately. To take an obvious example, the television creators of the 1970s series, The Odd Couple, created vivid contrasts between super-slob Oscar Madison’s horrendously messy room and the areas patrolled by Felix, the compulsive neatnik. The makers of the sixties stage production and film that preceded the show took a slightly different path. The borderline repulsive look of Oscar’s apartment contrasts pretty sharply with how it looks after fussbudget Felix has been living there for a day – even Oscar’s room is immaculate after he’s done with it.

Of course, mood plays into the matter as well. Movies and plays with horrific themes are often marked by frighteningly filthy rooms where strange things and people may easily lurk, while comedies and musicals tend to be filled with brightly lit, well kept abodes. Even the Coen Brother’s offbeat cult comedy classic, The Big Lebowski, had its slovenly hero, Jeff Bridges “Dude,” abiding in a Venice, California room at first “pulled together” by a rug of which he is immensely proud. The rug’s unpleasant fate early in the story is probably the only thing that really angers the film’s absurdly laid back hero. The Dude might be a proud slacker, but how his apartment looks matters.

Of course, in real life we don’t always actively think about expressing ourselves through our home furnishings. Things just happen. We get that planter or that picture frame because Aunt Martha gave it to us. Or we buy knickknacks as impulses purchases or because they seem like good deals that we may have picked up at dollar or discount stores, or which we think will appeal to our loved ones. Maybe we bought something on a whim twenty years ago and simply never bothered to replace it. Or, at the other end of the spectrum, we are do it yourselfers who love to work with inexpensive build-it-yourself furniture and keep buying new cheap items whether we need them or not.

It still adds up to something. Even if we’ve never even thought about hiring an interior decorator, we are all decorating, all the time. If we’re gigantic slobs, we might be “decorating” by simply throwing stuff around. It might not be beautiful but, for better or for worse, we’re still decorating!

However, if we’re going to be decorating one way or another, isn’t it best to do it intentionally, with a bit of your own persona flair? Whether we’re talking about potted plants, whimsical figurines that reflect our interests, or appropriate pictures frames for photos of our loved ones and friends, we might as well use the opportunity to turn our homes into places that reflect who we really -- places where we can really be ourselves. Using wholesale home décor as well as wholesale furniture and other kinds of cheap products can really be a chance to remind the world of who we really are. After all, if a person’s home is his or her castle, why should that castle look just like the one next door?