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How Can I Own My Own Business?
Friday, January 4, 2013
The last few years have been tough times for most Americans. Recession, housing market collapse, shrinking job market; all contribute to this cloud of uncertainty hanging over our country. When you think that last year 552,600 new businesses were created while 721,737 small firms closed or went bankrupt, why even bother to put yourself through the hassle, time commitment and family sacrifice it takes to start a business?

So are today's entrepreneurs desperate and opening a business because they just can't find a job? I am hoping that is not the case for those that have the burning desire deep within their being to be their own boss and run their own business. Clearly though, you need a good idea, product or service before even thinking about opening up your own business. Assuming you have this great idea, then the next hurdle is having the right traits to run your own business. Some needed traits include being a self-starter, not getting intimidated easily, being adaptable to change, enjoying competition, being able to address risk, making decisions quickly and not seeing mistakes as failures. Small businesses, home businesses and entrepreneur business fail because - they lack the capital to be able to cover slow times or don't stick to their budget; they have poor management skills and business controls over their business; and or have poor organizational skills which may be how they handle people or how they handle basic paperwork.

If you don't have the big bucks it takes to start a normal business, you should take a look at www.dollardays.com and click on our Distributorships tab to find the special January only deal we are running to help jump start entrepreneurs to open their own business. For only $9.95 our distributor program provides the site and products you need to begin selling and making money in your town. DollarDays takes care of your site, and your responsibility is to market you site and products to the businesses in your town; the local churches and schools and all nonprofit organizations; in addition to reaching out to home businesses as well as the neighbors. If you don't have the money to invest in inventory or building an Internet site or storefront, this distributor program is the way to go.

Until banks begin loaning money again and until our government decides to help Main Street small businesses like they bailed out big business; working with www.dollardays.com to help you build your business, is the most practical route to take. Together we can all help bring back small businesses, the backbone of America.