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Looking Cool During the Summer and Saving with Wholesale Sunglasses
Friday, May 22, 2009

You can never have too many cheap sunglasses. Wholesale sunglasses are the perfect solution to lost and broken pairs of eyewear. And discount sunglasses make ideal summer giveaways and party favors.

Buy Needed Sunglasses in Bulk

Sunglasses do more than keep the glare out of your eyes while you are driving. Unprotected exposure UV rays can permanently damage your eyes.  Sunlight is especially harsh at the beach or on the water.  And you should wear UV-protective sunglasses even in the winter, when the snow reflects the rays of the sun. Children are even more vulnerable so do not forget wholesale kids' sunglasses, too.

And sunglasses are the safety gear that looks cool, too. Wholesale sunglasses come in a wide variety of fashionable styles and colors for men, women, and children.  There are even seasonal styles for your next party.

Types of Wholesale Sunglasses

The most familiar types of sunglasses are fashion sunglasses. You will these in stylish prints and colors, with color tinted, dark, or reflective lenses.  Well-known designers also create lines of popular sunglasses. Protective sunglasses, such as those worn by military personnel and copies of these styles, are popular among young men. Children's sunglasses come in fun designs, often with licensed cartoon characters. And for celebrations and parties, you'll be a hit with novelty sunglasses.

You can never find your sunglasses when you need them. With a box of wholesale sunglasses, you can keep a pair in your car, at the office, or anywhere you might need them. And if you accidentally sit on your sunglasses, no worries! You have another pair just like it in your desk or glove compartment. Why buy expensive sunglasses when you can buy fashion sunglasses at great discounts.

Wholesale Sunglasses for Retailers

Almost any type of retailer should have a sunglass display. Customers at druggists, sundry stores, conveniences stores, clothing and accessory stores, and children's shops all check out the sunglass rack.  Because everyone can use a spare pair of inexpensive sunglasses, and people often forget theirs at home, sunglasses are a perfect impulse buy. If you are having a summer party, like a pool party or luau, or another seasonal themed party, discount sunglasses make great giveaway items. Give your guests something they can really use, like a fun pair of wholesale sunglasses.

Benefit from Closeouts

Since sunglasses are considered a seasonal item, you can find amazing deals on closeouts. You still need sunglasses all year and you can grab deals on the off season. When you are skiing down the slopes in your cool shades, you will feel even better knowing that you got a great price. Wholesale sunglasses are great for sports enthusiasts, fashionable women, children, hosts , and retailers?and pretty much anyone who would like to enjoy the outdoors while looking good.