Online Shipping From Canada to Canada for Canada
Thursday, December 27, 2012
The great country of Canada has 34,482,779 people living in Canada's 10 provinces and three territories. Whereas Canadians make up 0.5% of the total world's population, 41% of current Canadians are first or second generation immigrants, meaning 2 out of 5 Canadians living in Canada were not born in Canada. This diverse population base creates many opportunities to sell all kinds of different products and items throughout Canada.

At we have created programs where we have thousands of our wholesale closeout products that are in Canadian warehouses to be shipped directly to customers in Canada. We did this so customers in Canada could get their discount items from DollarDays quicker and not have to worry about the freight costs of wholesale products coming from the United States or deal with custom and duty issues. Canada customers can still buy the over 225,000 general merchandise wholesale closeout products from that are shipped from the USA. Shipping thousands of products directly from Canada is just an added feature to the online shopping experience looking for cheap wholesale bulk products.

Products available in Canada include wholesale arts and crafts like discount crayons and cheap glue sticks; bulk books and calendars like cheap children's books and discount crossword puzzles; wholesale water bottles and office and school supplies. Office furniture, which is very expensive to ship from one country to another, is now available in Canada for Canada.

So besides being the best source to buy wholesale and closeout discount educational school and office supplies at a very low cost in the USA, DollarDays now offers discount notebooks, bulk copy paper supply, wholesale calculators and teacher supplies online for Canada. We have all office and school supplies at great closeout bulk discount buying prices in Canada. Our wholesaler distributor deals on cheap bulk office furniture and school teacher bargains make sense for a school, a church or any nonprofit organization as well as dollar stores, discount stores, apparel stores, drug stores, pharmacies, gift shops and any business looking to buy at wholesale item prices and sell at retail product prices. So in a sense we have more than fifty shades of Canada grey merchandise that can be shipped from Canada to Canada.

Each of the wholesale merchandise product items that show a Canadian flag are the bulk products that you buy and are being shipped inside Canada for our Canada customers. This is just one more benefit at to support our customers with cheap yet high quality products.