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By @ 2017-05-25 5:00 AM

What are Fidget Spinners?

You may have seen them whirring in the palms of passing teenagers. You may have seen a mention of them on the news. You’re probably very curious about those small, distracting devices that spin and spin and spin to the delight of its owner.

Fidget spinners are the latest fad that’s taking over the country.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2017-05-23 5:00 AM

Father’s Day can a be a fantastic opportunity for a Spring fundraising campaign. If you haven’t planned a fundraiser yet, read these 5 last minute fundraising ideas for Father’s Day. These ideas are simple and easy to pull together, so it’s not too late to take action!

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2017-05-16 5:00 AM

With the school year coming to an end, you’re likely already thinking about what lies ahead in the Fall. Whether you’re an educator or a parent, those thoughts turn to what students will need in the coming school year.

Whether you’re thinking about boxed tissues, glue sticks or kids who need a little extra help, it’s not too early to start planning your next supply drive.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2017-05-15 5:05 AM

It seems like you’ve been hearing about it for years.

Retail is an industry at risk. Sales are declining. Jobs are being shed. Consumers get what they need on the internet.

It’s true. The business is changing. But it has been for years — look where you are right now, reading the site of one of the largest wholesalers in the world. And the smart companies keep up.

That’s what’s behind Wal Mart’s recent un-Walmart like behavior. The powerhouse retailer known for it’s low prices, efficient supply chain and, well, let’s face it, less than hip clothing, has been snapping up online brands that are slick and fashion forward.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2017-05-11 5:00 AM

Retail’s first Instagram royalty was crowned in 2014 by Bloomberg.

Brandy Melville, a clothing retailer aimed at teenagers, built its brand entirely on the photo-centric social media platform. They do no traditional advertising, but they’ve beat the curve on earnings among their competitors.

Granted, Brandy, as the brand is referred to online, has 2.2 million followers on Instagram and thousands more on Twitter and Facebook. That’s unachievable scale for many small retailers, but there are general lessons available from great social brands like Brandy for everyone to glean.


By Brittany Engelmann @ 2017-05-09 5:00 AM

With the rise in popularity and increasing sophistication of new technologies for nonprofit fundraising, the way we raise money is changing. And with that change comes a new set of challenges, such as how to motivate and engage volunteer fundraisers for digital campaigns.

It can be difficult to work with volunteers remotely, so here are 5 tips to motivate your fundraisers during crowdfunding or peer-to-peer campaigns, and keep them excited about what they’re accomplishing.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2017-05-04 6:05 AM

The headlines are hard to miss. Something’s brewing in retail.

Artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning are on their way, and they’re going to change everything about the retail industry, including who works for you and what skills are important.

What should the average store owner be doing to get ready for the wave?

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2017-05-02 6:00 AM

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s a great holiday to base your spring fundraiser around. If you haven’t planned one yet, it’s not too late!

Here are 5 last minute fundraising ideas for Mother’s Day to help get your creative juices flowing.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2017-05-01 10:00 AM

In April we ran a contest asking you to nominate an animal shelter that could use our support, so that we could award 5 winners each a $500 shopping spree. We thank all of the wonderful people who made nominations in our sweepstakes! It is our honor to support these shelters so that they can continue to help animals.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2017-04-27 6:00 AM

Just the other day a couple of mid-30s men were walking down a main street in a New York neighborhood on a particularly nice day. Both of them had their smart phones un-holstered, and ready to answer any question that might pop into their heads.

One received a Snapchat, and the other caught a Pokemon. One’s Facebook Messenger blonked and the other’s Instagram blinked.

They walked right past store after store, oblivious to the window displays and sandwich boards designed to corral them inside. Those marketing efforts couldn’t match the bells and whistles going off on their smart-phones.