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By Maria Werner @ 2014-11-13 1:11 PM

With the holiday season crawling closer, many people are once again finding themselves buried beneath a seemingly endless list of tasks and chores. Amid the extensive shopping and planning that Thanksgiving and Christmas entail, the holidays tend to feel like more of an encumbrance than a vacation.

In fact, a survey has shown that people, on average, feel a significant increase in stress over the holidays, rather than the decrease that should be associated with a break from work. Time and money are the two key factors that contribute to the added stress. The vast shopping excursions that accompany the holidays can impose considerable time-constraints on the already hectic lives of Americans. Additionally, it’s the most expensive time of the year, with people reportedly spending around $801 on Christmas gifts alone.

By Jackie Eldridge @ 2014-11-12 9:11 AM

During the month of October, we had a $5,000 merchandise giveaway on Facebook for small businesses that were nominated by our Facebook fans. Below are the winners--thanks everyone for nominating a small business in your community! The winners will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem their winnings!

By @ 2014-08-31 8:00 AM

We have winners in our August $5,000 Facebook Merchandise Giveaway for Schools YOU NOMINATED!

Congratulations winners! You will be receiving an email soon with details on how you can redeem your shopping spree! We are so happy to be able to help schools around the country. Here's to a GREAT school year and thanks so much to all of you who nominated schools.

Be sure to nominate a non-profit in our September $5,000 Merchandise Giveaway for a non-profit you nominate!

By Austin Czisny @ 2014-08-29 8:00 AM


By @ 2014-08-15 4:00 AM

Why must teachers have to spend out of pocket each year to keep their classrooms stocked with supplies and instructional materials?

By @ 2014-08-15 4:00 AM

By Chris Steagall @ 2014-08-05 11:00 AM

By Marc Joseph @ 2014-08-05 10:00 AM

reprinted from The Huffington Post

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By Austin Czisny @ 2014-08-05 8:00 AM