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By Austin Czisny @ 2014-07-21 8:00 AM


By Marc Joseph @ 2014-07-18 8:00 AM
by Marc Joseph, President and CEO of DollarDays

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Each month, DollarDays gives away $5,000 via Facebook to good causes. Education is a cause that DollarDays is quite passionate about, hence the three or four months of the year they donate to teachers, students and education. DollarDays' CEO, Marc Joseph wrote his July Huffington Post article about teachers spending money from their own pockets for school supplies---good read.

By Austin Czisny @ 2014-07-03 4:00 AM


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by Marc Joseph (Reprinted from The Huffington Post, July 1, 2014)

By @ 2014-06-18 2:00 AM

We've all known it for sometime; years in fact. Our website needed a facelift. Not just a cosmetic one, but one that included the new technologies that had surfaced over the years, such as mobile adaptability. We wanted to create an inviting, user friendly experience.

By Austin Czisny @ 2014-06-13 2:00 AM


By @ 2014-06-05 3:00 AM

Two years ago, Jackie Eldridge, Marketing Director for, met Richard Beeson, Director of Client Happiness Enforcement for AgoraPulse at a Social Media Conference in New York City. Eldridge was impressed with the platform at first pass; it seemed to be the perfect tool to manage our Facebook promotions and growth. The bonus to a platform that has every feature we'd been looking for is the customer service. Seriously, it's not even customer service---DollarDays feels like this vendor is more like family, and that's because they are are genuine in all of our communications AND available nearly on a moment's notice. They are fun, light and extremely passionate about AgoraPulse.