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DollarDays Blog Archives Page 37

By @ 2013-11-03 7:00 AM

By Hiroshi Mikitani @ 2013-10-30 6:00 AM

by Hiroshi Mikitani, CEO, Rakuten Inc., from LinkedIn

Sometime today, you may take a break from your work and walk around the office. Perhaps you will talk to a colleague. What will you say? Will you complain about the boss? About the workload? About the weather?

By Chuck Vance @ 2013-10-21 2:00 AM

by Guest blogger, Chuck Vance, President, MaskMail.com

By @ 2013-10-09 7:00 AM

If you know anything at all about DollarDays, then you know we always like to help others in need. And we love to hear about others doing the same and thought we'd share a story of a customer who is devoted to helping others.

By Marc Joseph @ 2013-10-07 4:00 AM

Auctions have been an integral piece of the Internet since the beginning. AuctionWeb (which became eBay) was founded in San Jose, California in 1995 by French born Iranian-American computer programmer Pierre Omidyar. One of the first items sold on AuctionWeb was a broken laser pointer. When Pierre called the buyer to ask why he bought a broken product, the buyer told him he was a collector of broken laser pointers. This answer helped reinforce the idea that the Internet was made up of lots of little niches of interest and a robust auction site could bring them all together.

By Marc Joseph @ 2013-10-07 2:00 AM

by Marc Joseph

By Marc Joseph @ 2013-10-07 2:00 AM

By @ 2013-09-26 1:00 AM

By Jackie Eldridge @ 2013-09-24 8:00 AM

Most non-profit organizations, such as churches, charities, shelters and schools, have special missions, outreach or service projects planned for the Christmas holidays to help those in need. We find that at his time of year, non-profits like yours are preparing to help provide food, clothing and holiday presents to children and families, as well as helping the homeless. And we also find they need to stretch every penny.

By Jackie Eldridge @ 2013-09-20 4:00 AM

Let’s face it, Google DOES rule the world. Or at least our online world of e-commerce where we constantly fight an uphill battle for search engine rankings. If you don’t keep up with Google’s algorithm changes, you may be headed backwards, instead of climbing that hill.

Google recently announced its latest algorithm update, Google Caffeine, which is a completely new way of indexing. It’s important you understand that the freshness of your content is going to be more important than ever before. This means that you need to post as often as you can and constantly update on trending topics related to your business, if you want to climb that hill to higher search engine rankings.