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By @ 2012-07-09 1:00 AM

During the course of running a business, there are many expenses that may pop up which entrepreneurs didn't expect. If a business owner is looking for ways to save money on the expenses that they incur on a regular basis, investing in the right technology might make a difference. There are several new technologies that a company could put its money into in order to save over the long-term. Here are a few examples of technologies to consider.

By @ 2012-06-20 1:00 AM

Marketing could improve your company’s local identity. Using several low-cost marketing ideas, you might increase your company’s revenue too. Small business owners who realize a higher sales volume may notice greater profitability as well. You can take a methodical approach toward growing your small business.

By @ 2012-06-18 12:00 AM

College students are a completely different breed of people when it comes to receiving gifts. One of the problems that parents have is understanding the transition their children go through from high school student to college student. The things that interested a child who is in high school may not hold the same appeal when that child reaches college. With a whole world of opportunity in front of them, college students start to appreciate gifts that their parents will often not understand.

By @ 2012-06-13 1:00 AM

Thanks to the Internet, it's never been easier for a small business to engage in efficient marketing on a shoestring budget. In many cases, you can even compete with much larger businesses by being smart and utilizing cost effective advertising. With that being said, let's talk about some marketing methods that are either free or inexpensive for small business owners.

By @ 2012-06-11 2:00 AM

School teachers are constantly giving of their time, their dedication and their own money to educate our children. If you know a school teacher, or your child is thinking about getting a gift for her teacher, then there are some suggestions you can follow that would help you to buy the perfect gift. Whether it is a special occasion or not, it is always a nice gesture to give a gift to a teacher.

By @ 2012-06-11 12:00 AM

There is a pretty good chance that if a house has a garage attached to it, then there is a workshop in that garage. The workshop is that mystical place where a man goes to fix an old chair or build his own bookcases. It is a place that winds up being the gathering point for generations of hand tools that seem to get handed down from father to son, but never used. It is a family museum as much as it is a place where he can get things done.

By @ 2012-06-07 3:00 AM

We fell in love in May along with 25 lucky winners in our Wedding Sweepstakes!

By @ 2012-06-01 6:00 AM

Small business owners are constantly keeping an eye on the company bottom line and doing everything possible to generate a profit. Developing ways to generate new business is the lifeblood of any organization. But keeping operating costs low is also a method for creating profit for the bottom line.

By @ 2012-05-04 3:00 AM

Teenage boys are expensive. When they're not eating you out of house and home, they're karate-chopping holes in the drywall or putting BB gun dings in your car's new paint job. One way to offset the expense of your favorite money pits is to buy and bulk. Stock up on these items now and you'll give your wallet a break later.

By @ 2012-05-03 10:00 AM

Every month for the past year we've given away $1,000's in Dollar Days merchandise to worthy non-profits, schools and small businesses. We enjoy giving back to the wonderful people that help make the world a better place. April 2012 was no different as we took nominates for Summer Camps.