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DollarDays Blog Archives Page 6

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-12-26 7:12 AM

The term ‘entrepreneur’ has an air of elitism in our society, and it often conjures images of well-off business-minded people with the connections and capital needed to launch a thriving company. Yet, nowadays, people from all walks of life are launching businesses, and success is less contingent on startup capital and more dependent on the idea or product being offered. If you’re an entrepreneur lacking in business capital, don’t despair. Here are some clever ways you make your business a reality.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-12-23 7:00 AM

A crucial step in the pursuit of growth is to learn from past mistakes as well as past successes. With online shopping becoming a growing trend in the business world, it’s helpful to know which aspects of online shopping have proven beneficial to businesses success, versus that which aspects hold businesses back. Here are some of the top 2016 online shopping statistics, which can provide some insight into your online strategy in the coming year.

  1. Data suggests the number of online consumers will hit 270 million by 2020. According to research gathered by Forrester Research, Inc., the sales trends indicate that online spending will continue to grow rapidly, hitting 270 million shoppers and $523 billion in revenue by 2020.
  1. Shoppers made 51 percent of purchases online. That’s up from 48 percent in 2015 and 47 percent in 2014.
  1. Smartphone usage is increasing. In 2016, 44 percent of smartphone users made online purchases, compared to only 41 percent in 2015.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-12-21 7:00 AM

To remain ahead of competitors, you also have to stay ahead of your customers. That means anticipating the needs and wants of consumers before trends hit the mainstream. The coming year is bound to bring with it a shift in consumerism that will force retailers to rework their business strategies. Here are some of the top anticipated retail trends to prepare for in the new year.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-12-19 7:00 AM

With the new year approaching, many small business owners are wracking their brains and conjuring up ways to improve business and draw in new customers. New years are a time for new beginnings, and they offer the opportunity to test out innovative strategies to attract customers. Here are some tips for the coming year that will help you expand your market reach and welcome loyal customers to your business.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-12-16 7:00 AM

Winter is already upon us, and temperatures are plummeting across the country. To maintain high profits as an e-commerce store, you need to be offering the hottest-selling items, which often vary with the season. Here are some of the best-selling winter items that all e-commerce stores should stock. 

  1. Winter Apparel

While it’s cheaper to buy apparel out of season, the majority of people don’t plan ahead. Sales of winter apparel, such as boots, scarves, mittens, jackets, and hand warmers, skyrocket in winter and your store needs to be prepared.

  1. Books and Board Games

Come wintertime, people are less inclined to leave their homes, instead enjoying cozy nights by the fire. As such, the craving for indoor entertainment increases. Offer an array of entertainment options, such as books, board games, card games, computer games, and DVDs, so your customers can enjoy some quiet family time at home.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-12-14 7:00 AM

With the surge in online shopping, many brick-and-mortar stores are beginning to worry whether there is a future for in-store shopping. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are at a loss about whether to launch an e-commerce store or open a physical location. It begs the question, which is the most profitable option for retailers, and is one a better investment opportunity than the other?

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-12-12 7:00 AM

The holidays are almost here, which can cause a mix of excitement and anxiety. While Christmas is a favorite holiday among many, it also causes significantly more stress than other holidays. According to the Mayo Clinic, proper planning is a key element to reducing stress and depression around the holidays. Here’s a last-minute checklist to ensure your holiday celebration runs seamlessly.

  1. Prepare your home.

If you have guests coming for the holidays, then you’ll need to prepare your home for them in advance. Ask your guests whether they have any specific needs that need to be accommodated, such as allergies, medical needs, and accessibility needs, so you can coordinate their living arrangements properly. This will spare you any unnecessary family drama by ensuring everyone feels comfortable in your home.

  1. Create a cooking schedule.

Cooking a large family meal is one of the most stressful aspects of hosting a family gathering. By creating a cooking schedule, you can simplify the process and ensure all food is cooked to perfection. Assign roles to members of your family based on their age and ability. Adults can tackle the more dangerous chores like chopping veggies and managing the oven, while children can participate by decorating cookies and helping to clean up afterward.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-12-09 7:00 AM

The world of small business is a perpetual roller coaster with an endless supply of obstacles and ups and downs along the way. Now, as the year is winding to a close, you have the opportunity to look back on the years of progress and relish in the successes that brought you here today. By assessing the evolution your business has taken over the years, you can better map out the future of your company. 

Is Evolution a Necessary Part of Operating a Business?

All business models are different and every entrepreneur enters the world of business with different goals and intentions. Nonetheless, no matter your business model, evolution and adaptation are integral parts of surviving in the current consumer climate. Business Insider explored the relevance of business evolution in an interview with Steven Greenbaum, the co-founder and CEO of PostNet, a printing, shipping, and design company.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-12-07 7:00 AM

5 new year’s resolutions for your small business-a.jpg

The new year is less than a month away, and many people are already planning their New Year’s resolutions. With vows to exercise more, eat healthier, and volunteer their time, people across the world are wracking their brains for ways to improve upon themselves in the coming year. But it’s not just individuals who benefit from such resolutions. Businesses can, and should, make New Year’s resolutions as well, so you can map out goals for your company in the coming year and continue down the road to success. Here are some of the top New Year’s resolutions that every small business should adopt.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-12-05 7:00 AM

For many small businesses, tax season is the most dreaded time of the year. It can be both time-confusing and stressful, as there is little margin for error. Here are some tips to ensure you have an easier tax season, while also helping you to better plan for your financial year ahead.