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DollarDays Blog Archives Page 7

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-12-02 7:00 AM

It’s well-known in the world of small business that in order to succeed, you need to put your customers first. Not only does this mean going above and beyond in terms of service and professionalism, but it also means prioritizing the comfort and safety of your shoppers. Come wintertime, safety is of even greater concern, as the roadways and walkways become slippery. Here are some tips to improve the safety and accessibility of your small business, so you can provide a comfortable and accessible shopping experience all year long.

Hire Extra Staff to Tend to Your Walkways

Come wintertime, your small business will likely have many extra chores that need to be accomplished. By piling this additional workload onto your current employees, you risk critical tasks being neglected or overlooked. Snow and ice removal is imperative this time of year, so it’s wise to hire extra help. You can either hire an outside company to conquer your snow and ice removal, or you can hire seasonal employees to help tend to your parking lots.

Don’t Forget to Mop Your Floors!

In the winter, small businesses have increased custodial duties as well. With everybody tromping through your store in muddy boots, employees will be working extra hard to keep the floors clean and sparkling. Be sure to have a supply of “Slippery When Wet” signs available, as you’ll need to mop the floors regularly throughout winter.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-12-01 1:30 PM

It's important to the DollarDays team to support nonprofits, and we need your help this month so we can give away socks to thirteen nonprofits. If you could take a minute to nominate a nonprofit in our Facebook Sweepstakes, we would be very appreciative (and so will they!).

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-12-01 9:33 AM

In November we ran a contest asking you to nominate a nonprofit or individual that has demonstrated generosity and kindness in their communities, so that we could award 18 winners. We thank the hundreds of wonderful people who nominated hundreds of nonprofits and individuals who demonstrated random acts of kindness in our contest! It is our honor to support these generous people.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-11-30 7:00 AM

The final countdown is here. In just one more month, we’ll be welcoming in the new year. What does your business have planned? For many small businesses, the month of December is the most hectic time of the year. Not only are retail stores overflowing with holiday shoppers, but they also need to start closing out the books and planning for the year ahead. 

Start Closing the Books

By December, your accountants should already be underway in finalizing the taxes and closing the books. Keep in mind, the amount you pay in taxes directly correlates to the amount of profits your business earns. One insider tip that’s used by many small businesses is to deposit less money into your business account in December, instead carrying it over into January, so you’ll reduce your tax payment for the year. In turn, December is the ideal month to make as many business-related purchases as needed, since these can be deducted from your taxes.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-11-28 10:00 AM

The holiday season is upon us. For many, this time of year is viewed with fondness and excitement. For some families, however, it brings stress and disappointment. Many low-income children find this time of year to be disheartening, as they lack access to the toys, food, and amenities that make the holidays so special. Here are a few ways you can make a difference in the lives of children, so every child can experience the holiday season they deserve.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-11-25 7:00 AM

When operating a small business, one of the most stressful aspects is ensuring all shipments arrive in a timely fashion. When deliveries run late, you risk running short on items, or running out completely, inevitably upsetting your customers and losing out on critical business. Come the holidays, it’s particularly crucial to remain stocked, as holiday shoppers will be scrambling to conquer their shopping lists and counting on you to have the products they need. Here are some tips to help ensure your store remains fully stocked throughout the holiday season.

Always Get Your Orders in Early

If you seem to have a continued issue with orders arriving late, the problem may not be with the supplier but with you. Consider altering your weekly schedule to have all your orders submitted a few days earlier than usual, so you can give your suppliers a bit more time to prepare.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-11-23 7:00 AM

Ah, stockings. A hallmark of the holidays and one that sends a warm feeling through the bodies of many. There are few things more relaxing and reminiscent of past years then seeing a string of stockings hanging delicately above the fireplace. But, for those with large families or those who are offering stockings to their employees, students, or a local nonprofit, stuffing all those stockings can be time-consuming and costly. Here are some tips to make stuffing stockings a little easier this time around.

Collaborate with Friends

It’s not just you who has to conquer the task of stuffing innumerable stockings. Your friends and neighbors have the same task presented to them. You can all save money and time by collaborating to conquer your stocking list together. Since stockings usually contain general items, like candy and baked goods, it’s easy to collaborate, since items don’t need to be geared toward individual wish lists.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-11-21 7:00 AM

Employee engagement often wanes around the holidays. Employees begin eagerly anticipating their trips home, daydreaming about relaxing by the fireplace, and planning their holiday occasions with family – all of which detract from their focus at work. However, the holidays are one of the busiest times for retailers, making it the worst possible time for employees to lose focus. Here are some tips to improve engagement and productivity this winter.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-11-18 3:13 PM

The CFO of the Year Awards presented by FEI Arizona took place on Thursday, November 17, 2016 to recognize financial professionals in three business sectors: public, private and nonprofit. DollarDays is proud of its CFO Jeff Dorsey, as he was a finalist for this prestigious award. We sat down with Jeff to discuss his experience and learn more about what this nomination meant to him.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-11-18 7:00 AM

To remain competitive as a retailer, you need to continually anticipate the needs of your customers and respond to those needs accordingly. This can partly be accomplished by assessing your in-store data to see spending trends from previous years. However, there are a lot of aggregate shopping trends that are useful to consider as well, as they’ll partially determine your winter sales. Here are some of the top winter shopping trends that retailers should make note of.

  1. Online shopping surges.

A rather unsurprising fact of winter is that people are more inclined to conduct their shopping online. Be prepared by fine-tuning your website and ensuring it has all your winter product lines listed.

  1. Spending increases in sunny weather.

While that may seem like an odd claim, it’s backed up by data. And when you think about it, it’s not all that unusual. Sunlight is linked to increased vitamin D, which leads to happiness. Happiness makes people more inclined to shop, as well as spend money. In the winter, there is less sunlight, which could be partially to blame for declining sales. Nonetheless, you can maximize sales by planning your shopping incentives and discounts around local weather reports.