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DollarDays Blog Archives Page 8

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-11-16 7:00 AM

Brrr. The weather is cooling off throughout the United States, and it’s time for businesses to begin rolling out winter product lines in their stores. In winter, businesses face a lot more variables than they do in the summertime, and it’s essential to be prepared, so you can make the most of winter earnings. In-store shopping becomes more sporadic, deliveries are less reliable, and, in general, businesses can be trickier to operate. Here’s how to be prepared for all potential circumstances.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-11-14 10:30 AM

Christmas is just six weeks away, and shoppers are already flocking to the stores. Studies indicate that consumers are more willing to patronize businesses that contribute to charity. In fact, 65 percent of customers’ report viewing charitable businesses favorably. By getting involved in charitable causes this winter, you can boost sales, establish deeper bonds with customers, and empower nonprofit organizations within your community. Here are some ways your small business can embody the spirit of Christmas through charity.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-11-11 7:00 AM

The cost of living has been steadily rising in many U.S. cities, which has been impacting many middle-class families. Add to that, stagnating wages have made it harder for families of today to make ends meet. According to Business Wire, about 47 percent of Americans report feeling very concerned that the rising cost of living could pose a serious impediment to their retirement plans.

As the Cost of Living Rises, Wages Stagnate

The unfortunate reality for many middle-class families is that, even as the cost of living is rising in their area, their wages simply aren’t keeping up. The same Business Wire survey found that 50 percent of respondents reported not receiving an annual raise in their working years, resulting in many middle-class families struggling to survive on a fixed income. Many workers worry that inflation will deeply impact their retirement plans, requiring them to work much longer than initially anticipated.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-11-09 7:00 AM

Start Early

It seems with each passing year, retailers are putting up Christmas displays earlier and earlier. While shoppers tend to let out a collective groan when hearing Christmas music in early November, the truth is, the earlier retailers start, the more money they can make. In fact, nowadays some stores are rolling out Christmas items as early as September, in hopes of squeezing out as many holiday sales as possible. The reasoning behind this is sound. According to an NRF consumer survey, about 37 percent of all shoppers begin some Christmas shopping by Halloween each year.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-11-07 7:00 AM

Have you ever wondered why some businesses seem to make a killing at Christmas, while others are deserted in the storm? A lot of it boils down to the strategy businesses are employing to attract customers and incentivize spending. Here are some tested strategies that will help retailers generate more sales and enjoy a merrier Christmas.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-11-04 7:00 AM

Come wintertime, few people want to spend their nights outdoors, instead taking comfort in snuggling up beside the fireplace. Around that time, homeless people usually make their way to shelters or to sunnier states in search of warmth. For homeless pets, however, many have little choice but to search for warmth on the streets, struggling to stay alive. So, what happens to all these pets come wintertime?

Where Do Homeless Pets Go in the Winter?

The homeless problem among animals is complicated, and come wintertime, animals are faced with a variety of new circumstances. Here are some of the fates that befall homeless pets in the winter.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-11-02 7:00 AM

Come wintertime, many companies notice a sudden decline in sales. With the sudden onset of winter storms and icy roads keeping people indoors, shoppers are less likely to brave the storms simply to go shopping. For brick-and-mortar companies, this inevitably means a decline in business, making the winter a particularly stressful time. Luckily, there are some easy ways to combat the winter slow times and keep your business packed throughout the coming months.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-11-01 2:00 PM

It's important to the DollarDays team to support nonprofits and those that have demonstrated generosity and kindness in their communities, and we need your help this month so we can give away shopping sprees to eighteen individuals or nonprofits that have demonstrated acts of kindness. If you could take a minute to nominate an individual or nonprofit in our Facebook Sweepstakes, we would be very appreciative (and so will they!).

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-11-01 10:13 AM

In October we ran a contest asking you to nominate a nonprofit, so that we could award 25 nonprofits with fleece blankets. We thank the hundreds of wonderful people who nominated hundreds of nonprofits in our contest! It is our honor to donate these fleece blankets to support their causes.

By Brittany Engelmann @ 2016-10-31 7:00 AM

While the holidays are often depicted as a joyous occasion in which family comes together to share in food and laughter, the reality is rarely so picturesque. In fact, about 69 percent of Americans report experiencing significant holiday stress, with women reporting higher levels of stress than men. This is, in large part, due to the pressure to prepare a large family feast and gathering for innumerable relatives, which can be a lot of pressure for the host. Here are some ways to simplify your Thanksgiving dinner and make for a seamless and stress-free occasion.