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10 Essentials for Summer Fun

-- 2011-06-13 1:00 am --

Summer is a season of warmth and fun, with bright sunny days by the pool that can only be topped by the warm nights spent around the campfire cooking s’mores and watching the fireflies dance. Who doesn’t love the smell of burgers cooking on the grill or the feel of cool water on their skin as they splash in the pool? Here is a list of ten necessities for the summer season.

1.) Flip Flops

The flip flop is definitely the official shoe of summer. Not only are they cool and light, they are also quite fashionable. They can be worn to the beach or paired with a short skirt for a breezy look.

2.) Picnic Basket Set
There is no better activity for a lazy summer afternoon than a picnic. This set contains everything you need for a family picnic, from plates and flatware to napkins.

3.) Sunscreen
While a bronzed glow is a trademark of summer, sunburned skin is no fun at all. Using sunscreen with a high SPF can protect your skin from damaging rays while you enjoy the summer sunshine.

4.) Swimsuits
You can’t enjoy going into the pool or a day at the beach without a great swimsuit to show off to your friends. Paired with shorts or a wrap, the right bathing suit can be worn for many of your summer activities besides swimming.

5.) BBQ Tool Sets
Nothing says summer like the smell of food cooking on the grill. Serve up a summer evening feast with this tool set for the grill.

6.) Beach Balls
This versatile toy can be used for a variety of activities for young and old. Take it to the beach, the park, or even the pool for hours of fun.

7.) Bubbles
Bubbles are one of the quintessential toys of summer. Amuse your children, excite your pets, or simply lay back in the summer sun to watch these bubbles float away into the blue sky.

8.) Kites
For those windy days at the beach, a kite is the perfect toy. Choosing a design like this colorful butterfly will stand out in the sky amongst all the other kites being flown.

9.) Mosquito Repellant
Unfortunately, not everything associated with summer is fun. When the sun goes down, the mosquitos come out to play. Save yourself the itchy bug bites and invest in a good mosquito repellant.

10.) Water Bottles
Warmer weather not only includes more activity, but also more opportunities to become accidentally dehydrated, Make sure to drink plenty of water by carrying a sturdy water bottle with you.