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10 Headgear Ideas for Showing St. Patrick's Day Spirit

-- 2011-03-02 3:00 am --

Any of these ridiculous pieces of headgear, would never be worn by anyone except maybe Leprechauns. But they are all just perfect to wear on St. Patrick's Day because they are green, and if you are really Irish, you have been drinking.

1. Green Tinsel Wig

Nothing says I am a girl and I have been drinking quite like bright green shiny twinkling hair. It also shows just how far you will really go to prove you are Irish.

2. Tall Green Beer Mug Hat

In case you forget what a frosty foam filled mug of beer looks like during the festivities. Well now you are wearing a hat that you can just point at when you need a fresh mug or a refill. Plus it is just so attractive to the ladies.

3. Sequin Leprechaun Hat

Take sequins and put them together with a leprechaun's fashion sense, now that has always been a sure fire formula for looking good. What could better to symbolize everything that Irish folklore and tradition have given the world.

4. Tri-Color Afro Wig

You might be cheering for the Green Bay Packers or maybe you are about to go out on the town this St Patrick's Day. Either way drinking games will take on a whole new delight with this multi-color afro wig as your good time accessory. Be prepared for attention.
5. Irish Newsboy Hat with Braids

Long green braids hanging long from this sporty newsboy ball cap will wow everyone. This hat needs little more than a wet T-shirt and a short skirt to embellish the carefully placed shamrocks against orange and white colors.

6. Furry Green Bucket Hat

Just wearing glorious green, nothing says you are available and Irish better. This bucket hat features a distinctive combination of Irish stereotypes and being someone with a devil may care kind of frivolous fashion sensibility.

7. Irish Tri Color Tall Stove Pipe Hat

One part cat in the hat, one part Abe Lincoln, with that ultra large embroidered shamrock set front and center against the colors of the Irish flag. Nothing could be more American and Irish at the same time.

8. Pointed Brim Leprechaun Hat

The ultimate leprechaun party hat, that is as long as it is wide or vice versa. No girly Irishmen would be caught dead in one. But their mother's might have bought one for them as a child. Such memories it will bring back.

9. St. Patrick's Super Jester Hat

What is wrong with looking the fool, if you are playing the fool all night in this cure hat for the perfect crown costume. Or the fancy dancing sprite ready for arm wrestling or for clowning around on Saint Patty's all day long.

10. Green Sequin Fuzzy Bunny Bopper

Then there is always somebody who doesn't realize it is a holiday or what it means to be Irish. With bouncing sparkly sequined bunny boppers there is no way not to make a distinctive impression wherever you go.