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10 Products to Get Your Garden Started

-- 2012-04-30 3:00 am --

Springtime is gardening time, and all you need to make the most of it are a few staple items. From window boxes full of flowers to flourishing vegetable plots, creating the garden of your dreams is easy when you have the right tools.

1) Work Gloves
Digging in the dirt with bare hands is okay if you don’t mind having to scrub soil out from under your nails all the time. But when you’re working with fertilizers or using tools for long periods of time, it’s important to protect your hands with sturdy work gloves.[/i6243-wholesale-garden-work-gloves.html] Gloves keep your hands safe from potential chemical contact and help minimize sores and blisters.

2) Triangular Trowel
Whether you buy flats of plants at your local gardening shop or are putting in seeds that need depth to grow properly, a pointed trowel[/i114560-wholesale-pointed-trowel.html] helps get them in. A triangular metal blade lets you cut into the dirt and dig out the right sized hole without hassle.

3) Hand Rake
A lightweight hand rake[/i816144-wholesale-garden-hand-rake.html] with metal prongs helps to lift matted leaves, eliminate stubborn weeds and even out the rows in your flower or vegetable plot. The small size allows you to target specific areas in ways a larger rake can’t.

4) Kneeling Pads
Gardening means a lot of time spent kneeling on hard ground, and that can take a toll on your knees and back. Colorful, portable kneeling pads[/i716862-wholesale-foam-garden-kneeling-pad-assorted-colors.html] offer comfort and relief no matter how long you’re planning on spending outdoors.

5) Self-Watering Planter Pots
Some plants need to be started indoors. Plastic self-watering planter pots[/i571724-wholesale-self-watering-planter.html] are an inexpensive way to jumpstart your tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables with long growing seasons.

6) Window Boxes
For starting larger vegetable plants or creating decorative flower displays, window boxes[/i902906-wholesale-flower-box-30-venetian-clay.html] are a good solution. Place them on the front porch or around the house and yard to brighten up the atmosphere.

7) Liquid Plant Food
If you love flowers, you want your favorites to be as big and healthy as possible. Give them a boost with concentrated plant food[/i901723-wholesale-plant-food-liq-a-p-conc-32oz.html] and watch them grow into a stunning yard display.

8) Organic Fertilizer
Sometimes your vegetables need a little help growing. If you’re wary of using chemicals to increase yields, try organic fertilizer[/i901701-wholesale-milorganite-org-fert-5-.html] for an environmentally friendly alternative that won’t put harsh ingredients into the soil.

9) Steel Plant Stakes
Tomatoes and other tall, heavy plants require staking to reach their full potential. With sturdy six-foot steel plant stakes,[/i903024-wholesale-stake-super-steel-6-grn.html] you can be sure that your plants will stay off the ground and have enough room to grow.

10) Plant Ties
If you’re using plant stakes, you’ll need plant ties. Try handy Velcro ties[/i903028-wholesale-plant-ties-gr-30x1-2-.html] instead of twist ties or twine for quick, no-hassle plant support that can be easily adjusted any time.

With these basic gardening items, you can get your flower and vegetable plots well on their way to reaching their full potential.