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3 Nonprofits That Are Empowering Children with Free Back-to-School Supplies

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-06-20 8:00 am --

There is nothing more empowering than a great education. With a strong education, people have more self-confidence, greater job skills, and are better able to navigate the world at large. Unfortunately, many children are being left behind in the school system. This is particularly true for low-income children who often don’t have the resources available to them to secure the school supplies they need to thrive. Fortunately, there are a lot of kind-hearted nonprofits that are dedicated to ensuring all children in the U.S. have the supplies they need to devote themselves to academia.

The Kids in Need Foundation (KINF)

KINF has a variety of programs in place, all based around supplying children in need with all of the school supplies needed to succeed. They offer a Second Responder program, which focuses on distributing school supplies to children who have been impacted or displaced due to natural disasters. They also have a program dedicated to filling backpacks with supplies to deliver to low-income children throughout the country.

Their Teacher Grant program helps to mitigate the financial responsibility of teachers by offering them grants to help them fund supplies. Since the average teacher is spending about $500 out of pocket on school supplies for their classes, this is a vital service that benefits the lives of teachers and children alike.

Volunteers of America (VOA) Operation Backpack

VOA is a multi-faceted nonprofit that tackles everything from hunger and homelessness to childcare and education empowerment. Operation Backpack is a campaign that fills backpacks with supplies to provide for children in need. They recognize that many children come from low-income backgrounds with families that can’t afford all of the supplies required for their education. In the spirit of helping children, they collect and distribute supplies every summer between July 18th and August 8th.

United Way

United Way offers an annual school supply drive in cities across the U.S., which they’ve been doing for 18 years. Every year, chapters across the U.S. distribute supplies to thousands of youth, providing many kids with the chance they need to excel throughout the school year. All of the supplies they distribute are new and in the original packaging, to ensure every child receives the best quality merchandise for the school year ahead. To be able to meet the vast demand of children, they rely heavily on donations from the public. They begin collecting donations around July 12th of every year, collecting until July 29th. However, the dates of collection vary be state.

Empower Children with School Supplies, So All Children Can Thrive

Proper school supplies play a vital role in a child’s education. With the right supplies, children have the tools they need to focus, conquer school projects with ease, and be more attentive and committed to their school work. Yet, school supplies can be costly, and many families are struggling to ensure their children have all of the supplies they need. By donating bulk supplies to nonprofits, you can empower children and give them the tools they need to flourish. Explore bulk school supplies today, and make a difference in a child’s life.