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3 Ways Schools Can Squeeze More Learning from Their Budget

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-10-21 7:10 am --

There are few jobs more exacerbating than managing the finances of a school district. With school budgets constantly at a minimum, school districts need to innovate creative ways to offer a great education on limited resources. Here are a few tactics that will help you squeeze more learning from your budget, while setting your financial worries to rest.

  1. Monetize as Much as Possible

There are a lot of creative ways that school districts are raising extra revenue to invest in the education of students. Texas' Grapevine-Colleyville school district was in a financial bind, leading them to resort to some new tactics to fill the financial gaps. After hours, they turned their printing press into a for-profit company, making prints for the city government. The parking spaces outside of the football stadium were only used during games, so they started renting out the spaces during business hours, raising an extra $87,000 per year!

For expensive school trips or homecoming dances, encourage students to take responsibility for fundraising efforts by hosting bake sales at school. In addition to saving the school money, it teaches students to be independent, while cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit. There are a lot of creative ways you can increase revenue if you’re willing to put in the effort. You just need to be crafty and comb the school for any profitable aspects that can be easily monetized.

  1. Think Outside the Box
There are a lot of cost-effective ways to enrich the educational experiences of children without straining the budget. When budgets become tight, one of the first areas to be impacted is field trips. However, with a bit of creativity, you can innovate educational and engaging field trips that require little, if any, resources. For geology or earth sciences classes, round up the students and take them on a hike or a trip to a nearby park. For history, take students on a virtual field trip to the Underground Railroad via on online tour. By adding a bit of creativity to your lesson planning, you can offer students a unique and memorable school experience, without pushing the limits of your budget.
  1. Find a Better Wholesale Supplier

Most school districts rely on a handful of close wholesale suppliers to provide them with all of the furniture, décor, and supplies needed to operate the school successfully. However, just because you’ve been using the same wholesale supplier for a while now doesn’t mean you’re forever trapped in that relationship. If your school district is finding it challenging to adhere to an established budget, you may need to begin shopping for new suppliers who can better accommodate your needs.

At DollarDays, we work with school districts of all sizes to provide exceptional school supplies at low prices. We understand the constraints that tight budgets can put on the educational opportunities of our country, and we’re passionate about ensuring every school can provide a quality education to each student. Contact a representative today to learn more about our company.