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4 Strategies for Improving Customer Engagement

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-09-09 7:00 am --

With the rise of business technology, brands have managed to infiltrate nearly every aspect of a customer’s life. Businesses are targeting their cell phones, their email inboxes, and even their social media accounts, all in attempts to remain more connected and engaged with consumers. Customer engagement is a critical part of steadily growing your revenue and building a thriving business. Here are some of the top strategies for improving engagement and providing a better experience for your customers.

  1. Consider the entirety of the customer experience.

You need to contemplate the entire spectrum of the customer experience, rather than focusing your efforts on segmented parts. Map out the average customer experience from start to finish, so you can create a plan to improve customer engagement that incorporates every detail in the process. Consider the very first time a customer views an advertisement, the first time they visit your website, the initial contact they make with your company, and the customer service they experience throughout the process. By mapping the entirety of the customer experience, you’ll ensure the customer receives the best treatment from their very first introduction to your business throughout the entire time they remain with your company.

  1. Utilize your data.

Customer engagement relies heavily on the use of big data. The chief service officer of Boost Mobile, Kelly Owens St. Julian, says that the key to improving customer engagement is by anticipating consumer trends, rather than simply responding to consumer actions. By utilizing all of your customer data, you can rely on predictive analytics to fuel business predictions and always remain one step ahead of your consumers. Your data will also enable you to tailor marketing pitches to customer interest, which allows you to increase leads from advertisements, while strengthening engagement among existing clientele.

  1. Be results-oriented.

While friendly service is obviously a critical part of every customer experience, the core of your customer marketing strategy should be focused on results. Your goal isn’t just to get customers to like you but to ensure those customers commit to your brand and remain loyal over time. You need to have a strategy in place that supports this goal by nurturing every lead and placing careful attention on the most promising leads to turn them into long-term customers.

  1. Focus on efficiency.

A Forrester research report found that 77 percent of customers value their time above all else when shopping. To keep your customers satisfied and engaged with your company, efficiency needs to be a top priority. The efficiency of your business model will largely impact the efficiency of the customer’s shopping experience, so you need to ensure your entire business operation runs as seamlessly as possible. The first step in developing a streamlined workforce is by ensuring all business partners can support a seamless workflow. You need wholesale distributors that not only prioritize your needs, but also take into account the needs of your customers, so all of your shipments arrive on time and enable you to provide consistent and efficient service to your clientele.

The customer experience isn’t impacted by a singular business aspect. Every element of your business model contributes to the overall perception that customers will have of your business. That’s why it’s so critical to ensure you’re partnering with the best suppliers, as your wholesale supplier plays a key role in the efficiency of your operation. At DollarDays, we understand the role that distributors play in improving the customer retention of our clients. We work alongside businesses to ensure all of their needs are met and their customers are always satisfied. Browse our website today to see if we’re the right wholesale supplier for your small business.