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4 Summer Income Tips for Busy College Students

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-06-03 6:00 am --

The life of a college student is unbearably hectic. It’s generally recommended that a student spend two to three hours studying for every one hour in class. For a student going to school 15 hours per week, that’s 30 to 45 hours of study time! College is a full-time job in itself, but that doesn’t negate the need for college students to have additional sources of income.

The Need for Flexible Jobs in College

College students are often thrown into hectic and perpetually unpredictable schedules. Every semester, class schedules change, which throws a wrench in their work schedule as well. Between finding time for homework and studying for tests, working a traditional job can seem almost impossible. To make ends meet, college students need a flexible job that enables them to work whenever their schedule permits.

4 Flexible Jobs for College Students

With summer almost here, many college kids are taking off of school altogether, while others will be taking one or two classes part-time. In any case, it provides the ideal opportunity to work and save up money before the chaos of classes sets in. Here are some flexible income opportunities that can fit in to your frenzied summer, while still providing you plenty of time for rest and relaxation.

  1. Selling wholesale goods: Buy large quantities of bulk supplies online, and start a business reselling the items for an increased rate. There are a number of options for reselling goods, all depending on your level of commitment and the time you have to devote. For part-timers, selling through a platform like eBay is ideal. For those with a bit more commitment, you can sell through sites like Amazon. If you’re hoping to make it a year-round gig, setting up your own website can help you launch your brand.
  2. Become an artisan crafts maker. Have a gift for creativity and artistic ability? Sell artisan goods online. Purchase wholesale craft supplies for cheap, and use them to create jewelry, figurines, stencils, t-shirts, handbags, candles, or anything else that ignites your imagination. With platforms like Etsy and Handmade at Amazon, you can launch a successful artisan store easily.
  3. Become a tutor. For college students, being a tutor has two main benefits; it enables you to help others while making money, and it allows you to solidify your own understanding of the subjects you’re studying. It’s also incredibly flexible, enabling you to work when and where you want.
  4. Offer landscaping services. You don’t need a green thumb to be successful as a landscaper. All you need is a strong work ethic, the right supplies, and a love of the great outdoors. Spend your summer enjoying the beautiful sunny days by offering lawn mowing and garden maintenance to those in your community.

Being a college student is stressful enough. The last thing you need is an employer breathing down your neck and guilt-tripping you about taking time off to study for finals. College students need extra income, but they also require a flexible schedule, so it doesn’t impede on their academic success. Be your own boss, and give yourself the flexibility needed to earn a living, while still acing your courses. Click here to explore a variety of goods, craft materials, and landscaping supplies, and create a career as adaptable as your lifestyle.