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4 things all successful teachers do

By: Jessica Urgiles-- 2015-05-15 7:32 pm --

Teachers who make a difference in the lives of their students tend to share a few common characteristics. Since an educator’s teaching style can have a direct impact on knowledge retention, consider applying some of these habits to your personal academic techniques. Here are four things all successful teachers do:

1. Remain passionate about their profession

Great teachers are passionate about their work, and it shows. The bureaucracy in education cannot and should not dictate how teachers manage their classrooms. Teacher burnout is usually due to factors outside of the classroom. Veteran teachers spark their excitement by focusing on the core of the profession.  

2. Manage their time wisely 

Teachers are busy. Most don’t have enough time for a decent lunch break, let alone to shop for classroom supplies or spend hours searching for coupons to save money on those supplies. Saving time and money on school supplies is easy with our back-to-school catalog. From paper products to all-inclusive school kits, teachers can quickly get what they need without ever leaving their classrooms.

3. Make flexible lesson plans 

Some of the most memorable lessons happen organically. Lesson plans should be more general blueprints than strictly enforced guides. Flexibility is critical in the classroom to give students the freedom to engage with each other and their teacher. Without being pressured to complete everything at the time it’s scheduled in the lesson plan, teachers are able to adapt to drifting discussions steered by students. These impromptu moments are the ones that leave an impression.

4. Keep a finger on the pulse of technology 

Being receptive to new teaching methods is key to the success of both teachers and their students. What worked for one generation won’t necessarily apply to the next. Educators who can embrace and incorporate new technology into the classroom instead of becoming stagnant are able to grow with their students.