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4 Tips to Improve Your Digital Business Strategy

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-10-07 7:00 am --

In the technological era, a digital business strategy is more than beneficial – it’s absolutely imperative to the success of a business. Gone are the days where a business can thrive off of a yellow pages listing and word-of-mouth alone. With humans spending inordinate amounts of time on their mobile devices, you need a business strategy that reaches them from wherever they are. Here are some tips to improve your digital business strategy and create a memorable imprint in the brains of consumers.

  1. Ensure Your Products and Services Are Available Online

A survey conducted by The Wall Street Journal discovered that shoppers conduct about 51 percent of their shopping online. If you aren’t prepared to cater to online shoppers, you’ll lose over half of your potential revenue! While offering products online is a no-brainer, service-oriented businesses often feel excluded from this market segment. However, many customers opt to reserve and pay for their services online as well, due to the convenience and efficiency it offers. Service-oriented businesses can gain a lot more business by offering the ability to book appointments or request quotes via their website platform.

  1. Incentivize Online Spending

Once you’ve captured visitors to your site, you need ways to incentivize spending. There are two primary reasons people seek out online shopping as opposed to in-store shopping, and you need to leverage both of these things maximize your online sales. Firstly, customers choose to shop online due to convenience and efficiency. Thus, you need to design your website in a way that makes it easy to navigate and quick to create purchases.

By creating automated product recommendations that are based on a customer’s purchase history, you’ll incentivize spending, while also improving the convenience for customers. Savings are the other key reason people shop online. With the Internet, consumers can shop for the lowest prices quickly and get the best deal without having to leave their home. By purchasing your products at the lowest prices, you can keep the prices for your customers low and attract a wider range of clientele.

  1. Build Lasting Relationships

Studies show that, nowadays, customers are abandoning brand loyalty in search of the best customer experience. Customers are no longer concerned with the supposed reputability of a brand, but rather with their own customer experience and the relationship they build with a company. Relationship marketing is key to capturing the hearts of consumers and turning them into long-term clientele. Thus, rather than focusing your efforts on making an individual sale, instead invest time in every individual relationship to cultivate a meaningful and memorable experience for the customer.

  1. Design a Business Model Based on Trust

Trust is one of the key attributes the customers seeks in a company, and in order to build brand loyalty, your business needs to prioritize trust as a business policy. To build trust, you need to remain reliable and consistent. You need to offer consistent quality over the course of time, remain steady with your pricing, offer the same level of exceptional customer service, and always have your customers’ desired items in stock.

To succeed in the digital world of business, you need to offer convenience, low prices, and excellent service to customers. Your ability to launch an effective digital marketing strategy depends largely on the wholesale supplier you partner with. With the right supplier, you can continually access consistency in goods and customer service, while ensuring all of your products arrive on time. In turn, you’ll be equipped to provide your own customers with the exceptional service needed to keep them coming back. Contact us today to see how DollarDays can partner with your company to improve the experience of your customers.