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5 Classic Party Favors For Kids

-- 2012-04-30 3:00 am --

Half the fun of going to birthday parties when you’re a kid is getting party favors. Having your very own little bag stuffed full of goodies is almost as exciting as the party itself. Even in today’s technology-obsessed society, kids get enjoyment out of things like small toys and plastic jewelry. These and other inexpensive party favors can make your child’s next birthday event more fun and memorable for every kid that attends.

Glow Sticks
Bright, colorful glow sticks capture the attention of kids and adults alike. Available in large quantities and in a variety of colors, these versatile party favors are perfect for just about any event. Some sets come complete with pieces that let kids join more than one glow stick together, allowing for the creation of unique jewelry and glowing “sculptures.”

Plastic Mazes
Old school but still a lot of fun, plastic maze puzzles keep kids entertained long after a party is over. Whether they’re able to navigate the tiny ball through the maze in a few minutes or spend several hours mulling over the best way to get to the finish, kids are intrigued by the basic challenge offered by these puzzles. And if you choose mazes with a cheerful smiley face background instead of a solid color, you’ll be giving kids something that’s as fun to look at as it is to play with.

Kids love to make music, so why not give away a few plastic kazoos at your next birthday party? Colorful, fun and inexpensive, kazoos let kids of all ages unleash their creative sides. Young children get a thrill out of being able to make music of any kind, and getting their very own kazoo lets them do just that.

It’s no secret that kids like things that make noise. They especially love making noise in groups, which is probably part of the reason why miniature klackers are still popular party favors. Consisting of two plastic balls mounted on a handle in such a way that they “klack” together when waved, these little toys can make a big sound. But if you’re going to include these in a party goodie bag, be forewarned: parents may not appreciate the noise.

Plastic Rings
Young children, especially young girls, love things that make them feel like they’re “grown up.” That’s why plastic jewelry makes such great party favors. Plastic rings with big colorful jewels are a truly classic giveaway item that kids can enjoy as part of playing dress-up and other make-believe games. Something as simple as a ring can spark a child’s imagination and give rise to hours of creative play both during and after a party.

Including these classic party favors in goodie bags at your child’s next party will give all the kids in attendance something fun to do once the festivities are over. Inexpensive and easy to find, these little toys and games provide a lot of fun without stretching your budget.