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5 Fun Crafts With Shaped Rubber Bands

By: Joshua Unseth-- 2010-06-02 1:00 am --

Wholesale silly bandz come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them perfect for creating fun arts and craft projects. Fun-shaped rubber bands come in many forms including cars, animals, dinosaurs, fish, and much more. What's more is that they come in a wide variety of colors. Wholesale silly bandz are a perfect medium for creative craft projects. Here are five quick and fun craft projects that you and your kids can make at home out of fun shaped rubber bands.

1. Customized Belts

Kids can easily create a rubber band belt accentuated by fun-shaped rubber bands. For the base of the belt, you will need approximately 20 2 1/2 by 1/16 inch, regular rubber bands and 5-6 wholesale silly bandz. To create the belt, take two normal rubber bands and tie them together with a knot. Make sure not to tie too tightly or the rubber bands will break. Once you have a link of two rubber bands, attach a fun-shaped rubber band of your choosing to either side of the chain with a knot. Make sure that the rubber band used to tie the knot is the normal rubber band so that the shape of the fun-shaped rubber band is not distorted. Once that is done, continue making chain links of 2 normal bands and attaching them between one wholesale silly bandz, till the belt is the desired length. To fasten the belt, a small safety pin can be used to link the ends together.

2. Fashion Accessories

Adding wholesale silly bandz to clothing items can turn an old shirt or hat into something entirely new and stylish. Select an old shirt or hat and have the kids lay out a colorful design on the piece of apparel. Once the fun-shaped rubber bands are in position, use a hot glue gun to carefully glue the rubber bands into place. Only adults should handle the glue gun.

3. Works of Art

Wholesale silly bandz are a great addition to any piece of art. For children who can't draw very well, they can offer outlets for their creative juices, letting them make art without the frustration. Kids can glue rubber bands into place on pieces of paper and color around them, making wonderful pieces of art that can be displayed proudly on the refrigerator door. Also, the fun-shaped rubber bands can be placed on pieces of art that have already been created to augment their beauty.

4. Create a Book

Creating a book is fun project that can exercise a child's reading and writing skills as well as their creative abilities. Have a child think of a story and write it down. It can be about anything. Take sheets of colorful construction paper and have them write the story on the lower third of the page in magic marker. After the story has been written, allow the kids to glue fun-shaped rubber bands onto the top halves of the pages to illustrate their story. After the rubber bands are in place, they can add more color to the pages with crayons and colorful markers.

5. Stencils

Fun-shaped rubber bands are great to use as stencils for people who don't draw very well. The shapes are preformed, so all you have to do is lightly grip the rubber band and then trace around the outside or inside of the shape with a pencil. After that, the shape can be filled with colors. These can be used to decorate cards or any other art project.