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5 Items Every Checkout Counter Should Sell

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-04-18 8:04 am --

No matter the type of store you run, you can profit greatly by the design of your checkout counter. The average consumer spends about five minutes standing in line at the checkout counter, and that five minutes provides countless opportunities to influence some last minute sales. When a person reaches checkout, they’ve already tackled their shopping list, meaning any remaining expenditures are impulse buys. The vast majority of impulse purchases are for inexpensive items, so keep this in mind as you’re stocking your counter.

  1. Candy: Unless it’s Halloween or the holidays, candy is scarcely on the shopping list of consumers. Yet, despite rarely making it among the ranks of needed groceries, about 25 percent of adults in the U.S. report eating candy daily. By placing candy at the checkout, you’re preying on the last bit of willpower of your shoppers. They made it through the store, past the candy aisle, and are almost home free, until they see their favorite candy bar glistening beneath the light at the checkout counter, at which point they are overwhelmed by their temptation. In fact, studies have indicated time and time again that candy positioned near checkout counters can drastically increase candy sales.
  2. Lip balm: Lip balm is something that everybody needs and uses, but it’s often left off of the shopping list. Seeing it prominently displayed at checkout can serve as a last minute reminder to customers, allowing you to make some quick sales.
  3. Seasonal products: To maximize sales at your checkout counter, you need to consider the products your clients need most. This will largely depend on the season, location, and weather patterns of your area. If you’re in the midst of monsoon season, umbrellas and ponchos are a good choice. If the sun is beating down, sunscreen and swim caps could call to consumers. In the brisk winter cold, mittens and hand warmers are popular items. Seasonal items can largely increase sales, particularly if they’re smaller, lower priced items that didn’t make the shopping list of your customers.
  4. Toys: We’ve all seen the child in line before us, persistently pulling at their parent’s sleeve, begging helplessly for the stuffed animal or bubbles they found in the checkout line. The parent does their best to ignore the child, but they can only take it so long, finally relenting to their child’s wishes. Toys are perhaps the most useful item to have stocked at your checkout counter, due to the boundless determination of children.
  5. Batteries: Batteries are used to power a large percent of our daily needs. From TV remotes to smoke detectors, our modern day lives rely on the Energizer Bunny for fuel. Yet, batteries are one of the most forgotten items. Batteries are particularly useful around the holidays to power new toys and electronics. Yet, about 36 percent of people claim to forget to purchase batteries entirely. By stocking batteries at checkout, you’ll not only increase sales, but you’ll be giving your shoppers a helpful reminder of a necessary item that they may have neglected to add to their list.

Impulse buying is common, and the checkout counter is the most likely spot for making an impulse sale. Yet, not all products will sell. You need to opt for smaller, lower priced items that are widely liked and hard to resist. Things that appeal to the taste buds, to children, and to the seasons are particularly good for impulse sales. Get your checkout counter stocked right by exploring a variety of items at the lowest bulk prices