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5 Items for Your Disaster Emergency Kit

-- 2011-06-22 2:00 am --

What would you do if disaster struck your home and family? Would you know where to find a flashlight, your important documents, or vital medications? Don’t let an emergency catch you unprepared. By creating an emergency preparedness kit out of the following items, you can be ready for any event.

1.) Tool and Lantern Kits
In many natural disasters, the first thing to go is your electricity. In a true emergency, you might not have time or ability to scour the house trying to look for a flashlight. This kit comes with two lanterns and a small toolkit that can come in handy for any small repairs or to dismantle furniture or items that block exit routes. It is small enough to fit in your emergency kit without being too heavy or bulky.

2.) Weather Alert Radios
A weather alert radio is absolutely vital in a weather emergency. For most disasters, from tornadoes to hurricanes, you need to take cover, so sitting in front of the television to keep updated about changing weather conditions isn’t an option. With this radio, you can keep informed while also keeping safe.

3.) Fleece Blankets
The most obvious use of a blanket would appear to help keep warm, but in an emergency kit, a blanket can serve many important functions. In addition to helping you keep warm, a blanket can also be torn into strips for emergency bandages as well as be used to bundle up other items for easier carrying, Fleece is a warm, but durable material that should hold up well in an emergency. This blanket will roll up to fit snugly in your emergency kit.

4.) First Aid Kits
A first aid kit is a necessity in an emergency situation. While major injuries require professional assistance, minor scrapes and cuts can easily become infected without proper care and often the resources of the medical community are allocated to those who are severely injured in an emergency. A first aid kit with supplies to treat minor injuries as well as medications to treat upset stomach and pain is an important component of your emergency kit.

5.) Granola Bars
Food is another necessity for any emergency kit, but you have to be sure to chose a food that is not only nutritious, but portable and long-lasting. It also helps if it tastes good, too! Granola bars are a great choice because they are compact, easy to carry, and contain a balance of fiber and protein to keep you full on smaller amounts so you can carry less food. Granola bars also have a long shelf life so they can sit in your kit for a long time without fear that they will spoil.