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5 Tips for Planning a Seamless Thanksgiving Dinner

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-10-31 7:00 am --

While the holidays are often depicted as a joyous occasion in which family comes together to share in food and laughter, the reality is rarely so picturesque. In fact, about 69 percent of Americans report experiencing significant holiday stress, with women reporting higher levels of stress than men. This is, in large part, due to the pressure to prepare a large family feast and gathering for innumerable relatives, which can be a lot of pressure for the host. Here are some ways to simplify your Thanksgiving dinner and make for a seamless and stress-free occasion.

  1. Prepare Bedrooms in a Comfortable, Yet Affordable, Manner

Your guests need to feel comfortable and at home in their environment, so take care to decorate each room in a way that’s clean, comfortable, and inviting. This means hiding your children’s toys in a cabinet, removing family photos from guest rooms, and keeping doors closed in advance of their arrival to keep the family pets out. Stock up on fresh linens and bedding in advance, so you can ensure each guest feels comfortable and at home.

  1. Check in With Guest to See What They Need

On Thanksgiving, people often host relatives they haven’t seen in ages and hardly ever connect with. Contact all expected guests a couple weeks in advance of Thanksgiving to see if they have any specific requests that need to be accommodated. Perhaps Aunt Rosemary simply can’t sleep without a white noise machine and Uncle Ron simply must have a dehumidifier in his room. By touching base in advance, you can avoid a lot of the typical family drama that comes with the holidays.  

  1. Have Activities Planned in Advance
“Is dinner almost ready?” is perhaps the most common whine heard by children, and it becomes even more prevalent on Thanksgiving Day. Oftentimes, the children aren’t actually hungry but simply bored. Have an array of family activities, such as a family movie or board game, prepared for your guests. That way you can prepare dinner in peace while they distract themselves with entertainment.
  1. Have a Plan in Place for Preparing the Meal

The most stressful aspect of Thanksgiving is preparing the Thanksgiving feast. Have a plan in place prior to Thanksgiving Day to ensure everything goes smoothly and all food items are finished in time. Create a schedule that details how long the turkey will take, so you know when to begin preparing the mash potatoes, biscuits, and any other side dishes you have planned.

  1. Buy Food in Bulk

In addition to the stress of family and cooking, financial constraints can also add a layer of worry to an otherwise relaxing holiday. Skip the financial stress by purchasing as much of the food as possible in bulk to save money. For larger family gatherings, you can save quite a lot! Also, consider opting out of dish duty to give yourself some extra relaxation by purchasing disposable plates, napkins, and cutlery. It will shave off at least an hour from your evening, so when you’ve finished stuffing yourself with turkey, you can simply curl up on the couch and neglect the loathed dish washing. Start saving money on your Thanksgiving plans. Visit DollarDays today to see our selection of bulk food, decorations, and eating utensils.