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5 Tricks (And Treats) for Scaring Up More Halloween Sales

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-08-15 7:00 am --

Just two and a half months until the spookiest, skin-crawliest day of the year … good old Halloween. While it may seem like it’s still a ways off to the youngsters and their parents, small business owners are already prepping their shelves for the masses. Halloween means big business for retailers. In fact, the cumulative Halloween sales equal $10 billion dollars each year. Between the candy, costumes, and spooky decorations, just about every small business can find ways to leverage this holiday to increase revenue. 

  1. Trick Out Your Store (Literally)

Halloween is as much about costumes and candy as it’s about being spooked by lighthearted tricks. This year, go the extra mile. Rather than just decking your store out with festive Halloween décor, opt to incorporate some spooky, child-friendly surprises that will engage families and encourage people to spend more time in your store. Have staff members dress up in scary costumes, have ghoulish displays that are triggered by censors to make eerie sound effects – basically, just have fun! Create an engaging, Halloween-themed ambiance that lets your customers see your company in a creative and vibrant way.

  1. Offer Free Candy

Around Halloween, free candy is basically a given, and you’d be doing your customers a tremendous disservice by not having it on hand. Set out a bowl of Halloween candy by the register, encouraging each customer to grab a couple of treats.

  1. Reward Frequent Customers with Blood-Curdling Good Deals

Everybody loves a great sale. Use Halloween as an opportunity to reward your most loyal patrons with deals so good, it’ll scare their socks off. Further incentivize their spending by making the rewards applicable exclusively on the days before Halloween.

  1. Engage Their Senses

Halloween is a time when all human senses are simultaneously engaged. The smell of sweet pumpkin, the taste of candy, the feeling of the brisk autumn air, and the sight of spooky monsters and ghosts lurking through the streets. Find ways to engage all of their senses in your store. Deck out your store with Halloween décor, play spooky tunes on the radio, offer sweet treats to paying customers, and create an ambiance that will make their hair stand on end.

  1. Stock Up on Halloween Costumes, Candy, and Supplies

As a retailer, your customers will be looking to you to carry at least some of the Halloween paraphernalia they need. Stock your shelves with candy, costumes, and Halloween party supplies, so you can cash in on the Halloween sales. Make your Halloween offerings relevant to your niche. If you’re a restaurant, you can cook up a Halloween-themed menu. For bookstores, offer spooky tales and Harry Potter broomsticks. Find products that resonate with your brand, while showing your support of the nation’s third favorite holiday.

It’s never too early to begin preparing your business for the Halloween rush. Many children begin planning their costumes months in advance, and you want to help build their anticipation by preparing your store for the season. Stock your store with the best Halloween decorations and candy, so you can lure in trick-or-treaters and increase sales. Visit our website, and start browsing today.